Vital Statistics, 2013.


William Kamekona Jr. to Lukini Kalauawa, Sept. 1.
Solomon Mahi to Esther Kaulana, Oct. 4.
William K. Kanuku to Lily Pokipala, Oct. 9.
W. Keala to Lizzie Kuanoni, Oct. 11.
Kim Hark Chun to Emma Miguel, Oct. 11.
G. S. Kelii to Lucy K. Kalua, Oct. 20.


To Yong Fai and Kalei Alu, a son, Sept 20.
To Joseph Kini and Julia Mokuahi, a son, Sept. 25.
To Michael A. Kane and Miriam Kelekoma, a daughter, Sept. 29.
To Syl Scott and Philomena Pa, a daughter, Oct. 7.
To Sam K. Nakuia and Janie Kupihe [? Kapihe ?], a daughter, Oct. 14.


Mrs. Rose Ladd, on Bucholtz Street, Oct. 7.
L. H. Kapiioho, on Pua Lane, Oct. 9.
Aneekolani Kalau, on Kuakini Street, Oct. 9.
Luther Waiwaiole, at the Insane Asylum, Oct. 10.
John Naukana, on Iolani Street, Oct. 10.
Apikaila Maikai, at Puuhale, Oct. 11.
Kelekia K. Kaui, on Buckle Lane, Oct. 11.
Laurita Long, at Queen’s Hospital, Oct. 12.
A baby of S. K. Nakuia, at the corner of School and Fort Streets, Oct. 14.

(Kuokoa, 10/17/1913, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LI, Helu 41, Aoao 4. Okatoba 17, 1913.

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