Dangers of Mango Season, 1912.


Joseph K. Pratt, a Hawaiian boy of just eight years of age, on this Tuesday, the 21st of May, fell from a Mango tree in Pauoa Valley, and his cheek was severely hurt; this information was given to the police department over the Telephone with belief that he was dead, but the police arrived there and it was seen that he was alive, perhaps because he regained consciousness from the dizziness after falling.

However, he broke his front teeth and maybe he broke some of his bones; the injured child was taken to Queen’s Hospital. Our instruction to parents of children is to watch over them and not allow them to climb on trees and places that would put the children of ours in danger, for they are the ones who will increase and procreate the generations here forward and through which there is hope for the increase of the Hawaiian Race.

[Words to live by: whether in 1912 or a hundred years later in 2012.]

(Kuokoa Home Rula, 5/24/1912, p. 1)


Kuokoa Home Rula, Buke X, Helu 21, Aoao 1. Mei 24, 1912.

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