King Kalakaua’s stirring address to his people on his 38th birthday, 1874.

[Found under: “La Hanau o ka Moi ma Honolulu.”]


I take this day, that being my birthday, to thank the Powerful One for the blessings of our lives as this year nears its close. And also, the time is near for My travels to the foreign lands in search of benefits for the industries of our nation is quickly upon us; I seize this time now to express my Aloha for all of you, my makaainana.

I am leaving to carry out what was recently decided in the Legislative session.

It is common in the history of nations, as well as during present as well, for the Nation’s Leader to travel to other lands in search of benefits for his own lahui.

All of the wise Politicians know that should we not immediately dig up benefits for the sugar plantations, then the land will suffer famine, awaiting great disasters; by securing the Reciprocity Treaty [Kuikahi Panai Like], the loaning of money, that is something that will greatly assist us in increasing the nation [ka hooulu ana i ka lahui]; I will do what is in My power, and the rest is up to you all to fulfill.

In this journey I am about to take, left to me by the kindness of the nation of the United States is its national ship to carry Me and My entourage. Therefore, O My beloved citizens who gather together here on this day, give thanks to the All Mighty for the blessings received from Him, and I will accept your offerings as a travelling companion for Me on the journey.

I will be going and leaving the administration of the government to My beloved younger brother [Leleiohoku]; and I believe that he will be able to carry out this important duty that I bequeath upon him; that being the well-being of the nation and the peace of the lahui. Give him recognition, as you do Me, and My Queen, and My sisters, along with My family and the Alii.

My leaving this land is of great import, travelling over the great turbulence of the ocean, leaving behind My wife and My family, and you all, the people.”

[For the complete article in the Kuokoa covering the gatherings in Honolulu for King Kalakaua’s Birthday, see here.]

(Kuokoa, 11/21/1874, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 47, Aoao 1. Novemaba 21, 1874.

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