Kawelo story, 1909 / 2009.

The Great Story



The Foremost and the Powerful, the One Who Put
Down the Strength of Kauahoa, the Youthful Hero of Hanalei;


The writer of this Moolelo gives first his New Year Aloha to the friends and companions of the Pride of the Nation [Ke Kuokoa Home Rula], before putting before them a short explanation about things pertaining to this story.

The writer will correct the genealogy relating to Kawelo, to show that they are Kings and chiefs of Kauai; and through doing this it will put an end to some misconceptions in the earlier story of Kawelo published by Mr. S. N. Haleole in the Newspaper KA HOKU O KA PAKIPIKA, so that the genealogy of the Kawelos are true to what is known by the writer as found in the chiefly mookuauhau of Kauai.

Included in this new telling of this famous moolelo of Kawelo will be a new section, that being about the older rat brother of Kawelo and Kamalama. So too some other important parts adding flavor to the feasting on this story, that being the center portions of the anae, causing the kalo of Maka’ukiu to spoil, as a result of its fattiness [? A pela nohoi me kekahi mau mahele ano nui e ae e mikolololehua ai ka hoonuu ana iho o ka moolelo, oia no oe o ka pauku waena o ua anae i hele a pala-ka-he ka ai o Maka’ukiu i ka ua mea o ka nui o ka momona].


[This version by the famed Hooulumahiehie comes out one year after the Hoku o Hawaii version. It begins on 1/1/1909 and concludes following year on 4/1/1910. One hundred years later it was reprinted in Hawaiian with modern orthography and annotated by Hiapo Perreira, and put out by Bishop Museum Press.]

(Kuokoa Home Rula, 1/1/1909, p. 1)

Ka Moolelo Hiwahiwa o Kawelo

Kuokoa Home Rula, Buke VII, Helu 1, Aoao 1. Ianuari 1, 1909.


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