David Kahalepouli Piikoi’s roots, 1878.

A Royal Scion has Died.

The other week we reported on the death of David Kahalepouli Piikoi at Kapaa, Kauai, on the 18th of October past, and this week, we are showing how he figures into the Royal line of Haloa gone by.

He is a man closely related by blood to Kamehameha IV and Kamehameha V, and Lunalilo I who recently passed on, and this is his relationship.

Kamehemeha IV and Kamehameha V,

Keawepoepoe (m) dwelt with Kumaiku (w), born was Keaumoku (m), Alapai (m), Kaulunae (f).

Keaumoku (m) dwelt with Namahana (f), born was Kuakini (m), Kaahumanu 1 (f), Kaheiheimalie (f), Kahekili (k), Kekuaipiia (k), Kuakini (lame) (m).

Kaheiheimalie (f) dwelt with Kamehameha I, born was Kinau (f).

Kinau (f) dwelt with Kekuanaoa (m), born were Kamehameha IV and V.

Pertaining to Lunalilo I.

Kaheiheimalie (f) dwelt with Kalaimamahu, born was Kekauluohi (f); Kekauluohi with Kanaina, born was Lunalilo I.

Pertaining to David Kahalepouli Piikoi.

Alapai (m) dwelt with Kamokuiki (f), born was Kekahili (f); Kekahili dwelt with Piikoi, born was Kahalepouli.

It is through Keawepoepoe that this man, Kahalepouli, is related to Kalakaua I and Keelikolani; and through Kumaiku, the wahine of Keawepoepoe, his blood is part of Keelikolani; and by way of his grandmother Kamokuiki, his blood is then part of the Royal Family currently on the throne.

His kanikau was sent to us, but because this issue is very full, we will put it aside temporarily until next week.

He has a royal wife, Kekaulike Kinoiki, the younger sister of the Queen, along with the three children, Davida Kawananakoa, Ed Keliiahonui, and Kuhio, who mourn over his remains.

We have published this because of our regret that all of the royal descendants are leaving, and our minds are somewhat relieved [kanahai] to know that he has children who are currently alive. Our deep felt aloha goes to those in mourning.

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 11/2/1878, p. 3)

Kekahi Pua Alii i make.

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke I, Helu 44, Aoao 3. Novemaba 2, 1878.


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