Prince Leleiohoku’s glittering gold bar, 1922.

[Found under: “Makalei, ka Laau Pii Ona a ka I’a o Moaula-Nui-Akea i Kaulana”]

Ko ma’i auka gula laa ke,
Lilelile lua nei la a u.
Ono paha i ka wai la a ke,
Nana nuu ke poo laa u.
Inu nei a e holu la a ke,
Luhi a loha i ka wai la a u.
Maluna ka wilina iho la a ke,
Oni e a olalo la a u.
Hainaia ko ma’i la a ke,
Holu ae nape i ka wai la a u—


[Many times mele are used to enhance stories, and there is no telling where you might find a mele, old or new. This procreation chant for William Pitt Leleiohoku for instance is included in this story to add to the mood following a description of the deeds of the “kalohe”.]

(Kuokoa, 2/17/1922, sec. 2, p. 2)

Ko ma'i auka gula laa ke...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 7, Mahele Elua, Aoao 2. Feberuari 17, 1922.

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