Death of Laura Kanaholo Konia, 1857.

On this past 2nd, L. Konia, the widow of A. Paki, died at 50 years of age. She was an alii nui, and was a child of Kaoleioku, and Kalaniopuu was the father of Kaoleioku, an actual cousin of the father of Kamehameha I. Konia was a loving chiefess, and her friends and all the people of this archipelago are very saddened for there is no high chiefess in this land remaining; they have all gone. Her friends weep with greatly pained hearts.

(Hae Hawaii, 7/15/1857, p. 62)

I ka la 2 iho nei...

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 2, Ano Hou—-Helu 16, Aoao 62. Iulai 15, 1857.

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