Kalihi fire, 1889.

The glowing fire on the Kalihi mountains Thursday night Feb. 21, was caused by workmen burning off the grass on the site of the new reservoir in the upper Nuuanu Valley. The fire could easily have been controlled in the first instance. As it was, it was allowed to run up a narrow ridge, and thence to spread along the flanks of the mountain until it became an extensive conflagration, destroying many vigorous young koa trees and persistently working itself down into the valley. On Friday morning, two teachers and about twenty of the largest boys in the Kamehameha School went up to the fire and after a vigorous battling with the dense smoke succeeded in hemming in the fire, and finally subdued it. The utmost care in such a dry season should be used in preventing the setting, much more the spreading, of fire in the grass and bushes above Honolulu. A few such fires would make it unnecessary to build extra reservoirs.

(Handicraft, 2/1889, p. 3)


Handicraft, Volume I, Number 2, Page 3. February 1889.

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