Albert Nahale-a entertains patients at Puumaile Hospital, 1945.


In the afternoon of Sunday, June 3, the Hula Studio of Albert Nahale-a [Pa Hula a Albert Nahale-a] arrived at the Puumaile Hospital to entertain the patients at that home.

It was heard that a Hula Studio would come to entertain the patients, and it was questioned, who was coming down, and in the afternoon of Saturday it was clear, the Hula Studio that was coming down.

A little before the clock struck 3:00 P. M., the bell to rise rang. The people got up and made ready for the arrival of the Hula Studio. Nahale-a’s people arrived, and a little bit after 3:00 P. M. the emcee announced that they were ready to start the activities.

Their program began with the playing of the mele Ike Hou Ana i Ka Nani o Hilo, and after that there was Hula Hawaii and choir singing, and also hula of this day, and duets and solos singing.

The patients showed there enthusiasm by clapping.

When it was almost the close of the program, the head of the Hula School announced that the day fell, the 3rd of June, on the birthday of the Editor of Ka Hoku o Hawaii [Solomon Anakalea], therefore, they sang the song, Happy Birthday for the editor. He made 62 years old. Glory to God for giving me these years.

A little after this, the program let out, and one of the members of the Hui Lokahi o Puumaile stood and gave thanks to Albert Nahale-a and his Hula Studio.

The solo performed by Mr. Joseph Kalima however was what got the most appreciation from some. And so too with his duet with his daughter.

The activities allowed some to forget their frailty.


[So sweet.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 6/20/1945, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XL, Number 8, Aoao 1. Iune 20, 1945.

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