Genealogy of George Kaiwalani Dwight, 1918.


With a heavy heart for my Heavenly Lord, who has passed on the path of no return, for you, O George Kaiwalani Dwight, you are a heavenly one, a first born of the alii of Maui, a navel string and umbilical cord from Kekaulike (m) and Kekuiapoiwanui (f), who gave birth to Kamehameha-nui, who was raised on luau [Kamehamehanuiailuau], and Keaka (f), an alii, a wohi, a sacred one.

Keaka (f) gave birth to just Kapaliauwaeloa. He dwelt with Luukia (f) and had just Palemo Kalaninuiwahiikamoku. From that one with Kekio came forth in this life, Kaaiakawaha (f). She was smitten and was taken by a white-skinned one of America, a haole named Dawson, and from the two of them came the daughters, Kekukaakapu and Pehikulani Halekii.

Kukukaakapu dwelt with Norton, a haole, and they had George Kanaina, Sarah Kiope, Ellen Hooipoinapahuelua, and Eliza Kekukaakapu. Ellen Hooipoinapahuelua dwelt with Charles Bishop Dwight of the island of Hina [Molokai], and born to them were many children, both boys and girls; and George Kaiwalani was one of them. The first born passed a number of years ago, and Kaiwalani left behind two sisters and three younger brothers.

My heart is torn for my love for my dearly Beloved Lord, and for Mama, who is bereaved and of grieving heart for her son, the hope his parent. But his spirit has floated away, and his body was sacrificed for the good of the land. You have left your parent and family who wail for you,  O Kaiwalanialiioliloa; Umi brought forth a multitude of alii. The remains of Kaiwalani remain, but the flag of the great nation of America continues to wave where he was interred, and may the wings of the eagle watch over him until he rises again.

O Great Molokai of Hina, a royal child of yours floated away upon the dark path of Kane, and perhaps he is walking in the uplands of Pakaikai, where his Kupuna were brought up.

Love and grief for my Heavenly Lord.


Lanikaula, Molokai, Feb. 16, 1918.

(Kuokoa, 3/1/1918, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 9, Aoao 8. Maraki 1, 1918.

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