Kamehameha Girls’ School Art Week, 1941.

Art Week Celebrated

FINISHING TOUCHES—Amelia Kaopua, president of the Kamehameha School for Girls’ student body, yesterday put finishing touches on her landscape preparatory to its entry in the Art Week show. Art Week began yesterday and will continue through Friday under the direction of Miss Evelyn Erickson, art instructor. (Advertiser Photo).

Talents Go On Parade At Kam Girls’ School

Kamehameha School for Girls yesterday celebrated the opening day of its fifth annual Art Week under the supervision of Miss Evelyn Erickson, art instructor.

The halls and art room were lined with charcoal portrait studies, block printing, Christmas cards, water colors, dress designs, handiwork of the girl students.

Today Miss Erickson will address the students at 8 a. m., speaking on costume appreciation, the importance of good grooming, and of good color choice in everyday life.

Tomorrow Miss Alyce Hoogs of the Academy of Arts, will speak on design at 8 a. m., illustrating with examples of what one might purchase in the way of gifts or for homes.

Thursday the seventh grade will give a playlet titled “Colorland,” a fantasy in rhyme set to music.

Friday Mrs. Dorothy True Bell will speak on well-designed textiles, and discuss interior decorating as a profession. She will also stress the importance of designing in the home.

(Advertiser, 3/25/1941, p. 5)


Honolulu Advertiser, 85th Year, Number 19,509, Page 5. March 25, 1941.

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