More oopuhue tragedy, 1858.

Died Without Delay.

Kahou died quickly, a woman in Kipahulu, from eating Oopuhue, a vicious fish of the sea.

On Saturday, the 21st of August, Kahinu, the hunona [son-in-law or daughter-in-law] of that Kahou went casting [lawaia kaili] and caught two fish, one a humuhumu and the other an Oopuhue; it was brought ashore and taken to the house and the Oopuhue was wrapped in ti leaves and cooked [lawalu ia], with the skin on; someone said to throw away the rough skin of the Oopuhue and Kahou said, “Throw away the what, the fatty part of the fish?”

And the lawalu of Oopuhue was cooked, and the Oopuhue was eaten along with the skin; some of the skin was given to the pig; the Oopuhue liver was eaten while stating, “This is a ‘closing mouthful’ [manapani] for those who eat Oopuhue.” And when the eating was done, the mouth began to get bitter, the hands began to get numb, and there was dizziness with the insides becoming hot.

At which point the pig died, the fellow eater of the Oopuhue skin; the difficulties increased, an emetic [laau luai] was drank, but the poi and Oopuhue was not thrown up, they remained inside until the death. How sad! Death by Oopuhue is a intestate death. Hey! Where are you people that will eat Oopuhue? From Hawaii to Kauai; don’t eat the Oopuhue, it is death; lest you end up like Kahou, your fellow Oopuhue eater.

Kipahulu, August 23, 1858.

(Hae Hawaii, 9/8/1858, p. 91)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 3, Ano Hou.—-Helu 23, Aoao 91. Sepatemaba 8, 1858.

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