City Photo, 10th anniversary, 1922.

Announcing the
Tenth Anniversary
of the
City Photo CO.


Mr. On Char, in 1912, started the City Photo Co. His first advent into the photographic field was in 1904 when he entered the employ of the Rice & Perkins Studio of this city.

In 1920, Mr. Char went to the mainland to take up a post graduate course at The New York Institute of Photography and upon his return rejoined this concern. Mr. Char is a member of the Photographers’ Association of America.

Mr.Yew Char has been with the City Photo Co. since 1916. He studied photography in Chicago at the Modern School of Photography. Mr. Char then travelled extensively, getting photographic knowledge from every possible source. Mr. Yew Char is also a member of the Photographers’ Association of America.


Proprietors of City Photo Co.


The progress of The City Photo Co. in the last ten years has been phenomenal. Starting in 1912 under the leadership of Mr. On Char, and later assisted by Mr. Yew Char in the old Campbell Building over The Hub Clothing Co., The City Photo Co. has grown from a tiny concern to one of the largest of its kind on the Islands. In 1917, their quarters were found inadequate for their growing business and a removal to the present location was necessary.

The original working force of three has increased to ten at present. Two automobiles are now used in connection with the business.



Our Apparatus

In studio equipment, The City Photo Co. is well up among the foremost in the Islands. We have made it a point to have everything installed that would increase the efficiency and modernize our studio. Our lenses are strictly the best that money can buy. Our cameras are new and up-to-date.

Some of the latest acquisitions are the following: The Pa-ko Automatic drying machine which dries 5,000 prints per hour, and an automatic print washer of the same make. Sprecto twin Arc Lamps. Smokeless Flashlight bags which replace the former suffocating devices and which make interior photography less annoying.

A thoroughly efficient filing system insuring quick and accurate service. Our office is equipped with Art Metal filing systems throughout.

The Policy of the City Photo Co.

The policy always has been and always will be to give our patrons complete satisfaction and the very best in photography. To bring the latest ideas to the Islands. Mr. Yew Char and Mr. On Char will alternately attend the annual conventions of the Photographers’ Association of America which are held in various mainland cities.


(1) Portraiture

The best in portrait photos at most reasonable prices.

Individual portraits, family and wedding group pictures.

(2) Commercial

We are thoroughly equipped for any interior or exterior photos. We specialize in banquets, picnics, and industrial work of all descriptions.

(3) Kodak Finishing

This department which was opened just recently takes care of all amateur photographic work. We also will gladly explain any of your camera troubles and help you in any way to take better pictures.

(4) Merchandise

Photo supplies of every kind.


We are agents for the Palko Camera, the only camera that will take pictures of three different sizes, Vest Pocket, 3 x 3, or 3A. Interesting facts of the Palko are: it requires no turning after the film is put in; a focus of the objective can be obtained, a feature that is not obtainable in other hand-cameras or kodaks.

If you are interested in amateur photography, you should see this camera.

15 South Hotel Street  Telephone 3585  Between Bethel and Nuuanu

(Advertiser, 7/30/1922, p. 6)


Honolulu Advertiser, 64th Year, Number 12,858, Page 6. July 30, 1922.

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