The chiefs sail to Kailua, 1846.

The Chiefs. The Chiefs landed in Kailua on this past  15th of May; there was a 22-gun salute.

Puhi was tried for murder at Kau, earlier, and he was found guilty, pertaining to murder. How sad is the end of those who do wrong!

Kalama, the wife the of the King is sick.

Steamship: Cormorant [Kormorant] is its name. It sailed on this past Saturday [la hoomalolo]; it is a very amazing ship; there were many people who boarded it to see; the Governor and the chiefs as well.

(Elele, 6/4/1846, p. 40)


Ka Elele, Buke II, Pepa 5, Aoao 40. Iune 4, 1846.

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