Zakalia Kapule has gone, 1923.

Auwe. It wasn’t even three years after his retirement that Zakaria Kapule passes on!




My dear Solomon Hanohano, Editor of the Nupepa Kuokoa; Aloha oe:–Please allow me some space in your pride for my parcel of tears  placed above, and it will be for you to make it known to the four corners of our beloved land, so that the many friends and companions of my of my beloved living from Hawaii until Niihau will see that Mr. Zakalia Kapule has gone to the other side of life; auwe my dear husband!

Without any forwarning that the angel of destruction would appear at our door,  at 10:00 o’clock p. m., of Thursday, Mar. 22, last week, Mr. Z. Kapule departed, and my dear one, my husband, the ohana, and many friends are grieving for him with a heavy and sad heart. Auwe for me!

My dear man, Mr. Z. Kapule, was born in Kailua, North…

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