ʻIliʻili hānau o Kōloa, Kaʻū, 1911.

The Birthing Pebbles of Koloa.

The pebbles of Koloa, Kau are terribly famous for them giving birth, and their giving birth is attested to by a great number of Hawaiian. This however is something mysterious and difficult for the haole to believe, until they witness it for themselves like Thomas.

In these past few day, Paulo Ke-a appeared in our office along with some of those birthing pebbles of Koloa. These are probably not the pebbles famed for how amazing they are, but some descendant, maybe fifth or sixth generation away, or maybe even many generations away from the progenitors.

According to him, he received his pebbles from Prince Kalanianaole at Waikiki. They are pebbles produced by those famous pebbles from Koloa, in Kau, Hawaii. After he left them undisturbed in a box with its owner for a couple of years. Pebbles overflowed from the box; when he went to get them, there were just so many pebbles inside the box, from big ones to tiny ones the size of grains of sand.

Another astonishing thing is that the size of the pebbles continue to grow from the time when they were placed in the box.

Here are the birthing pebbles of Koloa, being displayed in the window of the office of the Hawaiian Gazette newspaper publishing company. It has become something the haole people are dumbfounded with when they see it and when they read the story of those astonishing birthing pebbles.

Six months ago, one of the daughters of Paulo Ke-a, Mrs. Tom Price, took three of his small pebbles and placed it in a coconut container. A few days ago, when she went to look at them, there were thirteen tiny pebbles aside from the original pebbles.

There have been numerous people who have come to this office and confirmed that they witnessed the birthing of the pebbles, just as Ke-a reported. And those pebbles have become an attraction that is well visited by the haole people.

As for the pebbles, there are ones that are smooth, and there are ones that are full of holes. From the pebbles full of holes come the tiny pebbles, which it is believed that those are probably the female ones. The sleek and smooth ones are the males.

They are amazing to see, but through these things God’s awesomeness is seen in the things he created.

The sands of Nohili are famous for the sound they make, and the doubts of the people are soon cleared when they go and see this sand for themselves. So too of the pahapaha seaweed of Polihale, and all the other amazing things found here and there in Hawaii.

There is a small pebble that seems to be ready to give birth to its baby. And it is being observed these days for when it will give birth. Perhaps this will end all misconceptions and stubbornness of some people who say that the pebbles do not give birth.

Paulo Ke-a first approached Mayor Fern with his pebbles, and the Mayor confirmed that he had pebbles at his home and that he saw the birthing of those pebbles. And it is due to the insistence of several people that he appeared at the office of the Kuokoa to exhibit it to the public, not just in the newspaper, but by leaving the pebbles out in the open for the public to come and see it for themselves.

(Kuokoa, 2/10/1911, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVII, Helu 6, Aoao 4. Feberuari 10, 1911.


1 thought on “ʻIliʻili hānau o Kōloa, Kaʻū, 1911.

  1. The Hale Kuamoʻo put out a puke keiki about this ages ago, it may have been based on this exact article too? Brings back great memories, awesome stuff!


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