The Hawaiian National Museum, 1876.

The Hawaiian Museum is now ready for the reception of articles of interest pertaining to the Archeology and Natural History of the Kingdom. Glass cases have been fitted up, which are secured with locks: and depositors may rest assured that … Continue reading

J. E. Chamberlain, collector for the Hawaiian National Museum, 1876.

Curios for the Government Museum. The Morning Star brought up for the Hawaiian Government the following curios, corals, &c. Two sets Gilbert Island armor complete with helmets; also shark teeth sword and spear, mats and native dresses; eel basket; common … Continue reading

Transfer of treasures of the National Museum to the Bishop Museum, 1891.

SLIPPING AWAY. Barring any obstacles, during some of the days of this week, the location of the artifacts housed in the National Museum Office at Aliiolani Hale will be transferred to the Bishop Museum Office at Kamehameha School, to go … Continue reading

Liholiho and Kamamalu, 1924.

[Found under: “LIFE OF KAMEHAMEHA II AND HIS QUEEN EVENTFUL”] At the annual social meeting of the Daughters of Hawaii at Queen Emma home Wednesday afternoon, a story of the life and short reign of King Kamehameha II, usually known … Continue reading

Queen’s Hospital trustees and the Bishop Museum, 1886.

DECISION OF QUEEN’S HOSPITAL TRUSTEES.  A special meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Queen’s Hospital was held this morning in the Chamber of Commerce room. The object of the meeting was to consider the advisableness and feasibility of … Continue reading