Women of Kauai represent! 1893.

THE WOMEN OF KAUAI Memorialize Commissioner Blount—They Ask for Restoration. The following is the text of a memorial which was presented to Commissioner Blount on Monday last, May 15th, by Mrs. Lovell, acting as a Committee of the Women’s Patriotic … Continue reading

Memorial of the Ladies of Kauai, 1893.

Ka Memoriala a na Lede O KA Mokupuni o Kauai. I ka Meahanohano James H. Blount Elele Pili Aupuni o Amerika Huipuia ma Hawaii nei. Me ka Mahalo:— O makou o ka poe no lakou na inoa malalo iho nei, … Continue reading

The Chiefs’ Children’s School and its beginnings. 1844.

Schools and Seminaries.—In the very important point of providing instruction for all classes, as in every other duty connected with their sacred calling, the missionaries stand prominent. With them, I believe, resides the merit of having excited the chiefs to … Continue reading