Rally ’Round the Flag, Boys, 1871.

For La Kuokoa. Melody.—Rally round the flag, Happy Hours, p. [162]. 1 Rally ’round the flag, boys,Rally ’round the flag;On this Independence Day, rejoice;Join together, from the green valleys,And, from the plains;On this Independence Day, rejoice. Cho.—Hawaii forever,Hurrah boys, hurrah;—The … Continue reading

The Queen, the flag, and the Boy Scouts, 1914.

Lincoln’s Birthday Marked By Graceful Courtesy of Hawaii’s Queen QUEEN LILIUOKALANI PRESENTING NEW COLORS TO THE HONOLULU BOY SCOUTS. From left to right: Col. C. P. Iaukea, the Queen, Mrs. George Smithies, Scout Commissioner Wilder and Scout Henry Thompson. Liliuokalani, … Continue reading

Hawaiian naval flag? 1887.

THE HAWAIIAN NAVY FLAG. The Hawaiian Navy flag, from a design by Mrs. Strong, contains in the center, on a white back ground, a gold crown resting on a yellow shield. The shield contains a white tabu stick [puloulou], crossed … Continue reading