Kamehameha V as recalled by R. A. Lyman and W. D. Alexander, 1902.

RECOLLECTIONS OF KAMEHAMEHA V. Bold and Wise Sovereign as Remembered by R. A. Lyman. Hawaii has not been known to the world very many years, but during that time a King of whom she may well be proud has reigned … Continue reading

Kamehameha V proclaims the 11th of June a holiday in honor of Kamehameha Paiea, 1872.

KE AU OKOA. JOHN M. KAPENA EDITOR HONOLULU, JANUARY 4, 1872 BY AUTHORITY. We, Kamehameha V, by the Grace of God, of the Hawaiian Islands, King, do hereby proclaim, that it is Our will and pleasure that the eleventh day … Continue reading