Liholiho and Kamamalu, 1924.

[Found under: “LIFE OF KAMEHAMEHA II AND HIS QUEEN EVENTFUL”] At the annual social meeting of the Daughters of Hawaii at Queen Emma home Wednesday afternoon, a story of the life and short reign of King Kamehameha II, usually known … Continue reading

Alexander Liholiho is proclaimed Kamehameha IV, 1854.

PROCLAMATION. Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to remove from this world our beloved Sovereign, His Late Majesty, Kamehameha III; and whereas, by the Will of His late Majesty, and by the appointment and Proclamation of His Majesty and of … Continue reading

Kamehameha V as recalled by R. A. Lyman and W. D. Alexander, 1902.

RECOLLECTIONS OF KAMEHAMEHA V. Bold and Wise Sovereign as Remembered by R. A. Lyman. Hawaii has not been known to the world very many years, but during that time a King of whom she may well be proud has reigned … Continue reading

Passing of Samuel Kamakea Kamakaia, 1919.

AN EXPRESSION OF LOVE FOR SAM KAMAKEA KAMAKAIA. Samuel K. Kamakaia. To the Editor of the Kuokoa Newspaper, Much aloha to you:—Please place in one of your open columns of the speedy messenger of the emotional and dreadful story below … Continue reading

Letter pertaining to plight of William Kanui, 1863.

Pertaining to  William Tennoee [William Tenoee] Alias Kanui. We heard from Rev. S. C. Damon, the Pastor at the Bethel Church [ka Halepule Betela] at Polelewa, Honolulu, that he received a letter from San Francisco, pertaining to the old Hawaiian … Continue reading

The death of Jonah Piikoi and his autobiography, 1859.

The death of J. Piikoi. On the 26th of April, the Honorable J. Piikoi, one of the alii of this Hawaiian archipelago died. He was a much admired man for his competence and his determination in the duties given to … Continue reading