Contributors of mele to Helen Roberts’ collection at Bishop Museum, 1924.

MELE, LEGEND CONTRIBUTORS ARE THANKED Hawaiian Folklore Commission Names Many Islanders YEAR’S COMPILATION The names of many well-known residents of the various island communities have been mentioned in a report which Miss Helen H. Roberts has recently sent from the … Continue reading

Death of Colonel Sam Parker, 1920.

SAMUEL PARKER DEPARTS FROM THIS LIFE Death is Victorious Over Him, Following a Long Sickness HIS BODY RETURNED TO WAILUA IN MANA, HAWAII Escorted by his Grandchild David Kalakaua Kawananakoa and His Family After suffering from a stroke some years … Continue reading

Charles Burnette Wilson dies, conclusion, 1926.

CHARLES BURNETTE WILSON, ADVISOR TO LILIUOKALANI DIES AFTER LONG ILLNESS (Continued from page 1) Liliuokalani that she lost her throne due to the landing of troops from the U. S. S. Boston, the name of Marshal Wilson figured frequently. In … Continue reading