Duke denied, 1913.


That gift was given to Duke Kahanamoku, given by the multitudes of Honolulu, that being land and a house. Duke Kahanamoku is being required to return  it, or his title of the Swimming Champion of the World will be no more, as a result of a rule just approved by the A. A. U. [Amateur Athletic Union] Association of San Francisco, California; but it is believed that this rule does not apply to this gift of land and a house to Duke Kahanamoku being that it was given to Duke Kahanamoku a month ago, before this astonishing rule was approved.

Duke Kahanamoku is left without a home. According to the rule of the A. A. U. Association, it says in general: “There shall be no special gifts given in the islands to Duke Kahanamoku from others. Duke Kahanamoku shall not be allowed to take gifts over $35, as stated in the rules of the A. A. U. Association.” And this association has authority to set rules of such nature.

Should this be true, then this is a shameless act and misplaced envy; and on what authority can this be disallowed, for  the gift is from the people and not from the Association, or Swimming Groups of California; it is from the people of Honolulu nei; it is a memorial and a gift from them to the Swimming Champion of the whole world.

This restriction is something so very contemptible; perhaps could it be because Duke Kahanamoku is Hawaiian that these terribly degrading restrictions were placed, because they knew that there would be no swimmer to triumph over Duke Kahanamoku, being that he is breaking his own records with no one else placing before the Duke of Waikiki.

(Holomua, 12/20/1913, p. 1)


Ka Holomua, Buke I, Helu 12, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 20, 1913.

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