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Political Candidates, 1916.



Republican  candidate for representative, Fifth District.

(PCA, 10/7/1916, p. 3)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume LIX, Number 10663, Page 3. October 7, 1916.

Political Candidates, 1916.

Abraham St. C. Piianaia

Announces his Candidacy for the Republican nomination for Representative Fourth District. Your Support will be greatly appreciated at the Primary Election, October 7, 1916.

(PCA, 10/7/1916, p. 3)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume LIX, Number 10663, Page 3. October 7, 1916.

John Adams Kalahanauokalani Kalakaua Miles, 1917.

John A. K. K. Miles

In The Service of America

The picture above is of a Hawaiian boy who is working in the navy of America at St. Pedro Los Angeles as a secretary in the department of the payroll of the military. Continue reading

Welo Hou Survey! 2020.

Did you see the call for responses for survey from the Welo Hou project (Mele Mondays) from Bishop Museum? The photo below is of Kamehaitu Helela of Hanapepe. She was just one of the many people who shared their knowledge of mele with Helen H. Roberts, who went around the islands in 1923–24 collecting and recording mele.

Click anywhere on this page to be taken to the survey! And please pass it around to people you know as well. I am sure they would appreciate it!

Spread of the flu on Kauai, 1919.


From the news of the past 27th of this month, it reported of the great spread of the Spanish sickness [Spanish flu] at the Sugar Plantation of Makaweli on Kauai, and the number of those who contracted this sickness reached five hundred people, rising sharply every day. And twelve died of this sickness and pneumonia. Continue reading

Hilo High and Hilo Union to sew masks? 1919.


Since the appeal from the local chapter of the Red Cross was made through the columns of the Post-Herald for more workers to help make Flu masks, a suggestion has been made that the Red Cross might be able to obtain valuable assistance if the Hilo High School and the Union School girls of the higher grade were appealed to give one hour, daily, after school hours, to the making of masks. Continue reading

Estate of deceased Kalaupapa patients, 1919.


Mr. Solomon Hanohano, Aloha oe:—Please insert in an empty space in the Kuokoa, the announcement of the secretary of the Board of Health [Papa Ola] placed outside of the store of the Board of Health at Kalaupapa, Molokai, pertaining to the people who contracted the ailment that separates families, Continue reading

Pandemic 101 years ago, 1919.


Report of Six Days’ Illness and of Death of Victim Sent In At Same Time

Influenza cases and deaths reported in Honolulu and Oahu since February 1:

City Outside Deaths
Feb. 1 13 5 5
″ 2 12 4 0
″ 3 24 9 4
″ 4 16 8 1
″ 5 6 6 2
″ 6 26 9 2
″ 7 14 10 2
″ 8 7 11 3
″ 9 2 0 0
″ 10 47 6 3
″ 11 35 5 6
″ 12 36 5 5
″ 13 7 3 4
″ 14 30 9 0
″ 15 11 9 0
″ 16 2 0 0
″ 17 30 3 8
″ 18 17 5 6
″ 19 31 1 1
″ 20 20 13 5
Total 386 121 57

Total cases for Oahu . . . . . 507

In January there were 69 deaths from influenza on the Island of Oahu.

Total deaths January and February, 126. Continue reading