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Electric lights unveiled here in Hawaii nei, 1886.


This past Wednesday night, Honolulu’s crowd came out parading in droves, approximately 7,000 strong, to check out the first time the six electric lights which we made known the other day were lit, under the organization and expense of Mr. C. O. Berger, and those who assisted him to install this type of new electricity to this land, but which is regularly known to some other places in the world. Continue reading


Another mele by Eleanor Kekoaohiwaikalani Prendergast for Princess Kaiulani, 1893.


1st. Ua puia ke kaona i ke ala
O ke onaona Rose Hawaii
O ka pua oi kela o ka nani
A ka puuwai e anoai ai.

Hui: He aloha no Kawekiulani
No ka lei a Kapili Likelike
Pua nani o Ainahau
Ka onohi momi o Hawaii. Continue reading

Birth Announcement of Princess Kaiulani, 1875.

Pua haaheo o ke Aupuni! 1875.


Brand New Princess

We are full of joy at being the ones to announce the news that will make all corners of Hawaii elated, that being at 9:15 in the morning of this past Saturday, October 16th, born here in Honolulu nei, was Princess Victoria Kaiulani Cleghorn by

“Like a kahuli snail of changing colors in the sun
Is the sparking [lohi] flats glittering [lohi] in Maukele
How slow [lohi] are you, dallying
Dallying are you, the woman [one with the “canoe”]
It is you, and now they are gone.”—

that being the Royal child of the Alii, C. Kapaakea and A. Keohokalole, who have passed on without holding their grandchild; and the alii wife of the chief, Ake [“Archie.” Archibald Cleghorn] of this town.

The birth of a new alii is something that will fill loyal subjects with boundless joy and happiness, with thoughts that she will procreate and…

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Procreation chant for Princess Kaiulani, 1899.

[Found under: “KANIKAU NO KAIULANI.”]

A he mai keia ea ea,
No ka Wekiulani ea ea,
Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Polihale ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
Ka lei Kaunaoa ea ea,
Ka Wailiula ea ea,
A i Mana ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Papiohuli ea ea,
A e huli aku ana ea ea,
Aia i Limaloa ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Polihale ea ea,
Ke kini punohu ea ea,
Auau ke kai ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Nohili ea ea,
Haa mai na niu ea ea,
O Kaunalewa ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Makaweli ea ea,
Waiulailiahi ea ea,
A o Waimea ea ea.

Haina ko mai ea ea,
O niniu i ka pua ea ea.

Hakuia e,
Lala Mahelona.

(Aloha Aina, 3/18/1899, p. 6)