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Census takers across the islands, 1858.


F. J. Lyman, Hilo, Hawaii.

D. Keawehano, Puna, ”

Keawe, Kau, ”

Nahinu, S. Kona, ”

Haanio, N. Kona, ”

Iaukea, S. Kohala, ”

J. Y. Davis, N. Kona, ”

Kauwahi, Hamakua, ”

Ihihi, Lahaina, Maui.

Aka, Hana, ”

Samuel Alexander, Wailuku, ”

Kapihe, Makawao, ”

Kamaipelekane, Molokai, ”

A. Moku, Lanai, ”

Abraham Fornander, Honolulu, Oahu.

S. Kaapuiki, Ewa & Waianae, ”

Warren Chamberlain, Waialua, ”

Kalanipoo, Koolauloa, ”

Samuel E. Armstrong, Koolaupoko, ”

V. Knudsen, Waimea, ”

G. W. Lilikalani, Koloa, Kauai.

Kaiu, Puna, ”

H. A. Widemann, Koolau, ”

G. F. Wundenburg, Hanalei, ”

Wana, Niihau, ”

(Hae Hawaii, 7/14/1858, p. 59)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 3, Ano Hou.—Helu 15, Aoao 59. Iulai 14, 1858.


Population decline, 1835.


Waioli, Kauai, 1835.

I read the Kumu Hawaii, pepa 18, on page 140, and I thought, while we are in the midst of life, we live in the midst of death. Our friends die on our right hand, and on our left. Death is victorious over children, and elderly; over the young, and the aged. Strength cannot ward it off; it cannot be escaped through wealth nor skill. Continue reading

Ina oe ma Oahu nei, what you doing on Friday? Sepatemaba 21, 2018.

I took a tiny step away from the newspapers for a little bit, and dove into a modern composition. Where are you on Friday? Go check out this book opening, go. For more information, click on the book cover image below.


Beryl Leolani Bailey weds Gary Loomis Blaich, 1968.

Beryl Bailey Is Bride Of Gary Loomis Blaich

Beryl Leolani Bailey, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bailey, became the bride of Gary Loomis Blaich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Blaich, Thursday evening at Atherton Chapel, Central Union Church. The Rev. Dr. Thomas Crosby performed the ceremony in a setting of white Singapore plumeria, lawai and mock orange rope. The entrance was decorated with kahilis. Continue reading

Kamehameha Girls’ School Art Week, 1941.

Art Week Celebrated

FINISHING TOUCHES—Amelia Kaopua, president of the Kamehameha School for Girls’ student body, yesterday put finishing touches on her landscape preparatory to its entry in the Art Week show. Art Week began yesterday and will continue through Friday under the direction of Miss Evelyn Erickson, art instructor. (Advertiser Photo). Continue reading