Words of William Charles Lunalilo on La Hoihoi Ea, 1865.

Ka Haiolelo a ka Mea Kiekie,
W. C. Lunalilo.

E na Lede a me na Keonimana:—O ka la keia e hoomanao ai, no ka hoihoi ia ana mai o ka Hae Hawaii e Adimarala Toma. He iwakalua kumamalua makahiki i hala aku mai ka hiki ana mai o ua ‘lii la ma keia mau kapakai me ka hoihoi mai i ka Hae i ko kakou Moi a me ka lahui. Ua piha loa ko makou mau puuwai i ka hauoli ma ua la la e manao mau loa ia nei, a ua nui wale na waimaka i hookuluia, aole nae no ke kaumaha, aka, no ka olioli; he aha la ka like ole me ka la 25 o Febuari i hala aku. Continue reading


Translation of Kauikeaouli’s speech by Kauka Judd, 1843.

[Found under: “More British Aggression—Seizure of the Sandwich Islands.”]

All demands for proof of damages were regarded as “vexatious and inapplicable,” and the King was compelled to make a conditional cession of the islands to British Government, which he did by proclamation, as follows:

Where are you, Chiefs, People and Commons from my ancestor and people from foreign lands! Continue reading

La Hoihoi Ea celebrated in North Kohala, 1865.

Restoration day in North Kohala, Hawaii.—We were informed by S. Kahookano of Kohala, Hawaii, about the commemoration on the 21st [31st] of July past and the putting on of a banquet there. Just as the aloha in the patriotic hearts of Hawaiian youths rummaging about here, so too did they exerted themselves Continue reading

La Hoihoi Ea committees, 1865.

Restoration Day.

Here below are the names and the types of the Standing Committees [Komite mau] selected by the meeting for the commemoration of Restoration Day at Kawaiahao, in the evening of the 3rd of this month. And it will be these Committees that will fulfill the duties described for each Committee. Continue reading

Miscommunication about a La Hoihoi Ea meeting at Kaumakapili Church, 1865.

The 31st of July—We saw this past Saturday, an Announcement on the side of the road calling out to leave your precious things at home and to make your way to Kaumakapili in the calm of the evening, to find out about the inception of a gay banquet for our Restoration Day, that being the 31st that is approaching. Continue reading

La Hoihoi Ea, 1865.

Restoration Day.

Monday last, the 31st July, was the twenty-second Anniversary of the Restoration of the Hawaiian Flag by Rear Admiral Thomas, and as such was celebrated with becoming joyousness.

The day opened warm and sultry, but by nine o’clock the trades set in and before noon were blowing half a gale. Salutes were fired morning, noon and night, and the shipping and town were gaily dressed with bunting. The grounds at Huehue were arranged for the feast and accompanying services, accomodations having been prepared for two thousand persons. His Excellency M. Kekuanaoa was President of the day. At the hour appointed a prayer was offered by the Rev. H. H. Parker, of the Kawaiahao church, which was followed by singing; after which the orator of the day, the Hon. David Kalakaua, delivered an oration in the Hawaiian language. After more music and singing, the guests were invited to partake of the dinner, when appropriate sentiments were propose, and responses made by Prince W. C. Lunalilo, Hon. E. H. Allen, Chancellor of the Kingdom; the Second Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, R. G. Davis, Esq.; W. L. Green, Esq., H. B. M. Acting Commissioner and Consul General; A. Caldwell, Esq., United StatesConsul; Attorney-General C. C. Harris, Esq.; Dr. G. P. Judd; S. N. Castle, Esq.; Messrs. Kamakau and Hassinger. Mr. W. P. Ragsdale translator and interpreter, acted in that capacity on this occasion, and acquitted himself in a very creditable manner. Continue reading