Baptism of Ka Haku o Hawaii, 1862.

[Found under: “NA MEA HOU O HAWAII NEI.”]

Ka Haku o Hawaii Baptized.—His Highness, Ka Haku o Hawaii was baptized at 10 o’clock on Saturday, the 23rd of this month at the Palace, by Rev. E. W. Clark [Rev. E. W. Kalaka], in the Anglican faith, before his Royal Parents, the Alii, and Ministers, and he was named Albert Edward  Kauikeaouli Leiopapa a Kamehameha. Continue reading

John Kalaukoa and David Kanuha acquitted of treason, 1895.



John Kalaukoa and D. Kanuha—Cases Against them and Defense Presented.

John Kalaukoa and D. Kanuha, charged with treason and open rebellion, have been acquitted. They have been released from custody by order of the Military Commission. Continue reading

The return of David Kanuha Sylva, 1893.

Hawaiian Seeking Education Returned.

In the month of June, 1888, David Kanuha Sylva left his land Waikapu, Maui, after graduating from Lahainaluna, and he left to increase his knowledge at the school of Hampton, Virginia, under the tutelage of Gen. Samuel C. Armstrong. When the General was here in Hawaii during the Jubilee of the Oahu College, we heard of the admiration of the teacher of Kanuha who was a student at the school, and he said that after graduating the school, Kanuha would be sent to learn tailoring at the House of Waenamaker [Wanamaker]. When the Australia docked on this past Wednesday, Kanuha returned to his land of birth, succeeding in his search for knowledge, and with determination to open his own shop.

(Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa, 3/23/1893, p. 2)


Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu 36, Aoao 2. Maraki 23, 1893.

Wm. H. Wanamaker, Pennsylvania, employer of David Kanuha, 1891.

It’s Selling Time

LOOK IN THE windows. See what we’re doing in Men’s Suits at $12. The entire window filled with  striking values. The other big windows filled with Boys’ Suits, $3.50, $4 and $5—but very little over half price. Fine qualities every one.

First Floor—in and around the entrance—will be found displayed a Special Bargain in Men’s Trousers made from the finest Imported Cassimeres and Worsteds. One lot, $5; the other $6.80. Twenty beautiful styles, all from merchant tailor materials.

Twelfth and Market Streets.

(Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/8/1891, p. 8)


The Philadelphia Inquirer, Volume 125, Number 8, Page 8. July 8, 1891.

Hula painting by Cogswell found in California, 1939.

Cogswell’s Model: J. T. Phillips, general manager of the Pacific Guano & Fertilizer Co., is anxious to know if the Hawaiian girl who posed for this painting by William Cogswell in 1892 is still living in Hawaii.—Star-Bulletin photo.

Rare Old Painting Found By Phillips in California

Another one of the works of William Cogswell, whose paintings of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani are hung in Iolani palace, was discovered by J. T. Phillips, general manager of the Pacific Guano & Fertilizer Co., during his recent business trip to the coast. Continue reading