English coverage of the marriage of Carrie Nakapuahi and Theophilus Metcalf Rowland, 1898.


A Very Pretty New Year’s Wedding in Puueo.

The marriage of Carrie K. Nakapuahi to Theo. M. Rowland last Sunday evening was a very happy event. Rev. S. L. Desha performed the ceremony using the beautiful service of the Episcopal Church. Continue reading

Carrie Nakapuahi weds Theophilus Metcalf Rowland, 1898.


Joined in the Covenant of Matrimony.

At Puueo in the evening of Happy New Year’s Day, these two youths gave themselves for this world and became one heart under the bonding by the Rev. S. L. Desha before a few relations and friends of the youths who took husband and wife. Before the time arrived that they took their vows before God, the home wall filled with those who were invited. After the marriage ceremony took place, there was held a reception with all things being festive, and when the reception was over, light food was brought out while they enjoyed their time until the gathering was let out in joy and unforgettable memories for the young newlyweds. Continue reading

Mistreatment of mahu a hundred years ago, 1920.

This is a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Florincio Loriozo, Filipinos who were recently married; but Mrs. Loirozo who was believed to be a woman is a man, but who has being wearing women’s clothing and other women’s accessories for a number of years.

In the history of marriages seen here in Hawaii, there is none like the story of a Filipino couple who were arrested by the police on the morning of this past Tuesday, that being the marriage of Florincio Lorioza, a Filipino, to Benito Ocho, a Filipino man, a short time ago.

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Akono Akau and Maraea Iaukea are married in the mountainous lands of Waimea, 1869.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO”]


Joined as one.—S. H. Mahuka of the land of the Kipuupuu wind and rain of Waimea told us, reporting that on the past 28th of August, in Imiola Church in Waimea, joined in holy marriage were Mr. Akono Akau, part Chinese of the Kanilehua rain [Hilo] and Miss Maraea Iaukea, Continue reading