Marriage of J. W. Makanoanoa with Mery Mehe, 1858.


Sept. 13, at Kailua, Hawaii, J. W. Makanoanoa and Mery Mehe were married; it was Thurston [Tatina] who wed them.

(Hae Hawaii, 9/22/1858, p. 99)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 3, Ano Hou.—Helu 25, Aoao 9. Sepatemaba 22, 1858.


Akono Akau and Maraea Iaukea are married in the mountainous lands of Waimea, 1869.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO”]


Joined as one.—S. H. Mahuka of the land of the Kipuupuu wind and rain of Waimea told us, reporting that on the past 28th of August, in Imiola Church in Waimea, joined in holy marriage were Mr. Akono Akau, part Chinese of the Kanilehua rain [Hilo] and Miss Maraea Iaukea, Continue reading

J. M. Kawelo reports on the news of North Kohala, 1883.


O Kuokoa Newspaper, Aloha oe: I have some important news to place upon your vast back, and it is for you to go before all the thousands of the multitudes.

In the night of the 30th of May, E. Haalou (f) ran off with her lover [? kane manuahi], that being Kahookaa; she left her husband and their daughter who lives in a cold room of the house; from what is heard, she often leaves her husband, being that this is the third time she did this cruel act. Continue reading

Phoebe Hanuna weds Lyons K. Kakani, 1890.


On the first days of this week, the examination of the students of the girls’ boarding school of Kawaiahao was held in the school. The examinations began and there was a break on Tuesday. There were things for sale prepared by the students, they being decorations and desserts made by the students themselves. It was something they learned outside of book learning. Continue reading