English coverage of the Heen/Notley wedding, with better pictures, 1906.



An impressive ceremony at St. Andrew’s cathedral last evening united Miss Lily Notley and Mr. William H. Heen in marriage. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large number of friends. The bride was attended by Mrs. Leslie, as matron of honor, and the groom was served by his brother, Mr. Afong Heen, as best man. Rev. F. Fitz officiated.

The church was simply decorated, a border of waxy white flowers mingled with fern leaves adorning the chancel rail. The bride was given away by her father, Mr. Charles Notley. Continue reading


The Heens, and why we need to rescan the old Hawaiian newspapers, 1906.

A Festive Marriage with Honor

MR. and MRS. W. H. HEEN.

AMONGST delightful sprigs of white carnations blossoms entwined with delicate fronds of palai fern decorating the interior of the church of St. Andrew, the sacred matrimony between Miss Lily Notley and Mr. William H. Heen, Esq., of the Legal Profession of Hawaii, was held, and Rev. Fitz married the two of them in peaceful reverence. The young woman was escorted by Mrs. Leslie, and the young gentleman by his brother [hoa hanau], Mr. Afong Heen.

Charles Kahiliaulani Notley, the birth parent of the bride, gave his beloved lei upon the altar of matrimony, the foundation for one to live amongst the circle of those who live in proper and chaste families in this world.

The Gentlemen who attended to this assembly of friends were Mr. H. A. Kaulukou, associate of Mr. W. H. Heen in the legal profession; William Jordan and John Marcallino.

The woman was dressed in a wedding dress of white silk made with great skill; and the man was dressed in the usual attire for that occasion.

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First Jewish Wedding in Hawaii, 1879.

Marriage Ceremony.—On Tuesday evening the 22d inst., at the residence of the bride’s uncle, M. Louisson, Esq., of Honolulu, Mr. J. Hyman of thi mercantile firm of Hyman Brothers, of this city, was married to Miss B. Frankel, niece of Mr. and Mrs. M. Louisson, in the presence of a very large company of invited guests, composing the elite of Honolulu. Everything that tae te could suggest or money procure, was furnished for the pleasure of the company. Mr. Louisson’s spacious and elegant mansion was arranged with consummate taste and liberality, and everything connected with it gotten up in the best of style. Outside the main building was erected a booth, draped with evergreens, tropical flowers, and the national flags of the United States, Hawaii and the German Empire, which gave a charming effect to the scene. The verandas and booth were brilliantly illuminated with Chinese lanterns and tastefully decorated, giving it the finest effect. In the booth was spread for the accommodation of the guests, who numbered about 200, a most sumptuous repast, gotten up under the superintendence of Mr. Herbert of the Hawaiian Hotel. At precisely 8 o’clock, the hour fixed, the bride and bridegroom filed into the parlor, where the guests were assembled, and Mr. Peck, a Hebrew and friend of the parties, who was deputized by the Jewish Rabbi at San Francisco, to perform the marriage ceremony according to the Hebrew formula which he did in the Hebrew tongue by reading from a book. The ceremony was short and solemnly performed by Mr. Peck, who concluded by pronouncing them man and wife, according to the Jewish as well as Hawaiian law. After Mr. Peck had concluded, the Rev. Dr. Damon stepped forward and presented the bride with the marriage certificate, prefacing the fact with a few appropri- and very happy remarks. Continue reading

Cute marriage announcement column, 1913.

Have Faith in God

Hold True the Sanctity of the Covenant of Marriage


Name          Age

Francis S Kuaa, Honolulu ….. 19
Mary A. Kaimi, Honolulu ….. 16

John Alapai Kealoha, Honolulu ….. 35
Mrs. Keola Keaani, Honolulu ….. 32

Harry Von Sen, Honolulu ….. 27
Lau Yin Ching, Honolulu ….. 27

Henry F. Jones, Schofield Bar ….. 29
Pearl Noble, ” ….. 30

Felix K. Kua, Honolulu ….. 26
Julian K. Hao, Honolulu ….. 26

Yee Sung Hak, Honolulu ….. 26
Kim Sung Myung, Honolulu ….. 19

Frank Pereira, Honolulu ….. 28
Emily Robello, Honolulu ….. 17

Son Chin Soo, Hawi, Hawaii ….. 29
Yi Chil Lam, Honolulu ….. 20

Cipriano Nobresa, Honolulu ….. 59
Mrs. Kalai Lopez, Honolulu ….. 52

Benjamin Keliikoa, Honolulu ….. 21
Dora Uhini Palea, Honolulu ….. 20

Wong Boro, Honolulu ….. 46
Y. Ah Keao, Honolulu ….. 17

(Holomua, 12/27/1913, p. 4)


Ka Holomua, Buke I, Helu 1, Aoao 4. Dekemaba 27, 1913.

Marriages, Births, & Deaths, 1924.


Edward Burke Peterson to Helen L. Chillingworth, Dec. 15.
Henry  Lau Tau to Elizabeth Hore, Dec. 25.
Charles R. Bye to Mable L. Titcomb, Dec. 26.
John K. N. Mahelona to Emily N. Akau, Dec. 29.
John R. Desha to Eleanor L. Holt, Dec. 31.
Ernest Peterson to T. E. Wailehua, Dec. 31.
Samuel K. Kaluna to Annie K. Kauka, Dec. 31.
Joseph Kahawai to Hannah Pipi, Dec. 31.


To William Puaoi and Elizabeth Rodrigues, a son, Dec. 24.
To Mr. and Mrs. Solomon A. Halualani, a son, Dec. 26.
To John A. S. De Fries and Rebecca Kua, a daughter, Jan. 3.
To Kealoha Kinney and Harriet Awa, a daughter, Jan. 6.
To Fred William Klug and Dora M. K. Paakamia [? Dora M. K. Pokamia], a son, Jan. 7.


Pedro Kaimihana, on Mission Street, Jan. 1.
Hoomau Kohina, at the Queen’s Hospital, Jan. 2.
Charles Punohu, at Oahu Prison, Jan. 2.
Leialoha Makanoa, at the Queen’s Hospital, Jan. 2.
Mildred K. Wilscon, on the steamship Kilauea, Jan. 2.
John Pololu, on Kellett Street, Jan. 2.
Dick Richard Jr., on Houghtailing Street, Jan. 3.
Harriet Morton, at the Children’s Hospital, Jan. 4.
Ezekiela Kala on Punchbowl Street [alanui Puowaina], Jan. 4.
Kauleikanaka Paakaula, on Coral Street, Jan. 4.
Mary Paaluhi, on Auld Street, Jan. 4.
Norma Leilani Hoke, on Pua Lane, Jan. 4.
Manaole Kamakawiwoole, in Honolulu, Jan. 4.
Wailua, at Lunalilo Home, Jan. 5.
Rebecca De Fries, at the Queen’s Hospital, Jan. 5.
Samuel Keluaipaka, on Liliha Street, Jan. 6.
Daniel P. Paniani, on Ilaniwai Street, Jan. 7.

(Kuokoa, 1/10/1924, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXIII, Helu 2, Aoao 6. Ianuari 10, 1924.

Allen C. Wilcox weds Florence C. Mugridge, 1917.


At the home of Millionaire Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wilcox at Kilohana Home, Lihue, Kauai, on Friday, April 27, 1917, Allen C. Wilcox and Miss Florence C. Mugridge of Tiburon, California, were joined in Holy Matrimony by Rev. J. M. Lydgate, and the wedding rings were put on.

The Millionaire Mr. A. S. Wilcox gave the the betrothed, with Mrs. Gaylord P. Wilcox on the side of the bride and Mr. W. N. Stewart on the side of the groom. Continue reading