Octopus dead because of flood, 1915.

[Found under: “KELA AME KEIA”]

Because of there being so much water in the Wailua Wailuku River, and this water running down here into Hilo Bay, there are a lot of octopus Continue reading

Another death announcement for Hiram Palohau Kahele, 1920.

Honolulu’s Hunter of Sharks Is Dead

Hiram P. Kahele, known to many as “Buck” Kahele, died at 9:45 o’clock yesterday morning at his home, 10 Dewey Court, Waikiki, after a week’s illness. Kahele was a victim of broncho-pneumonia, following influenza. Continue reading

Hiram Kahele and shark fishing, 1915.


On Tuesday last week, a large shark was caught right outside the harbor, by some malihini world traveller, along with some Hawaiian boys who went with them on a tugboat [??? waapa hukihuki].

These people left the Young Brothers [Hoahanau Young] boathouse while trolling with a dead horse which was supplied by the electric car company. Continue reading