Fish prices regulated, 1918.


This past Saturday, the rules of the food commissioner of Hawaii nei, Child, went into effect, in that the prices for different fishes will be set, not like before when fish was so expensive that some people could not afford fish for them and their families. Continue reading


Hon. Charles H. Pulaa and the Hawaiian Language and more, 1903.


Ke Aloha Aina, Aloha oe:—

May it please your honor and your Captain to kindly welcome this malihini, that being this [article]:

1—It was your patience and skill and electrified Law expertise, you acted with patience and hard work, refusing the law suppressing the Hawaiian language to die for all times, saving it from being extinguished. And for that fearless efforts of yours, we therefore give and extend our great appreciation to you. Continue reading

Dole vetoes Hawaiian language, 1903.


Governor Dole sent a message to the Legislature this afternoon announcing his veto of the joint resolution requesting an amendment of the Organic Act to allow the use of the Hawaiian language.

The Governor has also vetoed the beer license bill.

(Evening Bulletin, 4/8/1903, p. 1)


Evening Bulletin, Volume XIII, Number 2425, Page 1. April 8, 1903.

The day will come…, 1893.


To all beloved makaainana of the alii, Queen Liliuokalani, let it be known to all of you. The state of the Nation at this time, is under the administration of the provisional government by the reformist party [aoao hoomaemae], and military law is proclaimed by the new ministers of the provisional Government, that is: Continue reading

Law on naming, 1863.

Pertaining to Names.

Because we come across all sorts of names, and because we believe that the Law passed on the 24th of August, 1860; that being the Law called, “An Act to regulate names” [“He Kanawai e hooponopono ana i na inoa”] has not been followed, therefore, we wanted to discuss this Important matter with our friends. So that our friends do not fail to recognize this, we print the aforementioned Law, and here it is:


Be it enacted, By the King, the Nobles and Representatives of the Hawaiian Islands, in Legislative Council assembled:

Section 1. All married women now living, and all that may be married hereafter on these Islands, shall, from and after the passage of this Act, adopt the names o f their husbands as a family  name.

Section 2. All children born in wedlock after the passage of this Act shall have their father’s name as a family name. They shall, besides, have a Christian name suitable to their sex.

Section 3. All illegitimate children born after the passage of this Act shall have their mother’s name as a family name. They shall, besides, have a Christian name suitable to their sex.

Section 4. All children up to the age of twenty years shall adopt the names of their fathers as a family name.

Section 5. All names so adopted shall be reported to the agents appointed to take the census of the people during the present year.

Section 6. It shall not be lawful to change any name adopted or conferred under the law. It shall also not be lawful to change any name adopted or conferred before the operation of this.

Section 7. The father or mother of any child born subsequently to the passage of this Act, shall report the name or names of such child to the Registrar of births for the district in which such child was born, within three months after the birth of such child.

Section 8. This law shall take effect from and after the date of its passage.

Approved this 24th of August, A. D. 1860.

KAAHUMANU.* Continue reading

Licensed lawyers, 1879.

List of Lawyers.

The list of names below are the lawyers who were approved to practice Law in the the Courts of this Nation for two years, in accordance with the law passed in the Legislature of this past 1878. And being that we were asked, we therefore are publishing the list of names.

In all Courts on the island of Oahu, except the Supreme Court.

J. S. Kaanaana, licensed Sept. 10, 1878.

J. P. Kauwalu, ” ” ”

George Barenaba, licensed Oct. 26, ”

Henry N. Kahulu, licensed Nov. 4, ”

Jesse Amara, licensed June 3, 1879.

In the District and Police Courts.

Asa Kaulia, licensed Oct. 8, 1878.

S. Aukai, licensed Oct. 12, 1878.

Only within the Police Court of Honolulu.

Lililehua, licensed Jan. 21, 1879. Continue reading