Curious announcement, 1876.

Be it known to all men, I am the one named below; I openly announce that my taro farm lands are prohibited to all; that being OHIA, the ili aina in the Ahupuaa of Waihee, Maui;

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The first Kamehameha Day, 1872.


Tuesday, the 11th inst., the Commemoration Day of Kamehameha I., will be observed as a Public Holiday, and all Government Offices will be closed.

Ferd. W. Hutchison,
Minister of the Interior.

Interior Office, June 4, 1872

(Hawaiian Gazette, 6/5/1872, p. 2)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume VIII, Number 21, Page 2. June 5, 1872.

Kamehameha Day proclaimed, 1871.


We, Kamehameha V., by the Grace of God, of the Hawaiian Islands, King, do hereby proclaim, that it is OUR will and pleasure that the Eleventh day of June of each year be hereafter observed as a Public Holiday in memory of OUR Grandfather and Predecessor, KAMEHAMEHA I., the founder of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Continue reading

Kukala ia ka la hoomanao no Kamehameha I, 1872.


Ma ka Lokomaikai o ke Akua, o Makou o Kamehameha V., ka Moi o ko Hawaii Pae Aina, ma keia, ke kukala aku nei o ko makou makemake a me ka oluolu, e malamaia ma keia hope aku ka La Umikumakahi o Iune, o kela a me keia makahiki i La Kulaia no ka hoomanao ana i ko Makou Kupunakane a me ko Makou Mua, Kamehameha I., ka mea nana i hookumu i ke Aupuni Hawaii. Continue reading

Death of Lorrin Andrews, 1868.

Hon. Lorrin Andrews.

The Honorable Rev. Lorrin Andrews, member of His Majesty’s Privy Council of State, expired at his residence yesterday, Tuesday the 29th, in the 74th year of his age. He has been confined but little over a week, having been seized with what appeared to be an attack of pleurisy, but which soon became complicated with other symptoms,and made it evident that death would ensue. Last Saturday he fell into a comotose state, which continue up to the extinction of life. Continue reading

Kamehameha III pardons Linton L. Torbert, 1854.


Whereas, Linton L. Torbert was, on the 24th day of February, A. D. 1846, convicted of the offense of manslaughter, and fined the sum of two-hundred dollars; and whereas, the said Torbert was not the person who actually committed the manslaughter; and whereas, the conduct of the said Torbert has ever since been that of an honest hard-working and in every way exemplary man. Continue reading