Hula in California, 1862.



Speaking of Melodeons reminds me of the Kanaka Troupe, or Hawaiian Dancers. Have they visited your quiet town yet? [Yes, and got nothing—Eds.] Continue reading


More on hula in California, 1862.

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Small Business.—We learn that Mr. Charles H. Derby went over to San Francisco in the Comet, taking with him five kanakas and one wahine, for the purpose of opening an exhibition in that city. Continue reading

Musician Johnny Miner dies in El Paso, 1920.

That Hawaiian Dies of the Flu in El Paso, Texas, 1920.

This past Monday, a letter was received by the Star Bulletin newspaper from Dave Makuakane. This letter told that Johnny Miner died in El Paso Texas; the letter was written on the 24th of March past. Dave Makuakane also stated that they sent word to the family by telegraph, but they did not receive a reply, therefore Johnny Miner was buried in El Paso,  Texas. Continue reading