James Keau in Tonga, 1892.


Lifuka Haapai, April 23, ’92,

Dear younger brother

Capt. J. Kaai;

Aloha oe: I have time write a  letter to you, for it has been a long time being apart from you all, but I am now sending this letter to you with much aloha. Continue reading


Henry Thompson and Edward Keliikue Reynolds return from California, 1867.

Returned.—With the arrival of the letter-carrying ship of ours, the Comet, this past Sunday, a number of haole familiar to us have returned; also returning aboard it was Henry Thompson (Kamikana) of the bar of Hawaii nei, Continue reading

Allen Richardson marries Florence Elizabeth K. Ching, 1945.

Joined Together

Last month Captain Allen Richardson, first born of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C. Richardson,  of Kealakekua, Hawaii, was joined in the sacred covenant of marriage with Miss Florence Elizabeth K. Ching of Honolulu and Kauai. Continue reading

George K. Dwight, 1918.

Taps Sounded For Honolulu Boy Who Joined Gas Corps


George K. Dwight, a Honolulu boy, who left here in December to join the gas and flame corps of the American army, died last Sunday, Jan. 27, in a hospital at Annapolis, Maryland. Continue reading

Genealogy of George Kaiwalani Dwight, 1918.


With a heavy heart for my Heavenly Lord, who has passed on the path of no return, for you, O George Kaiwalani Dwight, you are a heavenly one, a first born of the alii of Maui, a navel string and umbilical cord from Kekaulike (m) and Kekuiapoiwanui (f), who gave birth to Kamehameha-nui, who was raised on luau [Kamehamehanuiailuau], and Keaka (f), an alii, a wohi, a sacred one. Continue reading