The Cyclorama of Kilauea at the Chicago World’s Fair, 1893.

Hawaiian Boys at Chicago.

There are eight Hawaiian singing youths at the Cyclorama of Kilauea the Crater of Pele at Chicago, and it would appear as if they are on their way home with Moeheau [Mooheau] aboard the steamship Monowai, or perhaps aboard the Australia. Mr. Whitney saw and met with them in Chicago a few weeks ago. All of them were in good health, and they sang like the call of lovebirds. And everyone who entered to see the exhibit of the cyclorama of Kilauea crater were very amazed.

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Kawaihau Orchestra and Glee Club in SF. 1905.


Kawaiahau Orchestra and Glee Club Delights Large Audience With Singing and Playing.

The Kawaiahau Orchestra and Glee Club of Honolulu gave a delightful musicale yesterday afternoon and eveing at Lyric Hall before a large and highly pleased audience. The numbers, both vocal and instrumental, were admirably interpreted and encores were frequent.

The programme was given in the following order:

March, “Marine Band”; solo and chorus, “Kawaiahau” (Kealakai), Keoni Eluene; duet, “Ka Lai Opua” (Malie), Messrs. Kimo and Eluene; flute and solo, “Always” (Bowen), Major Mekia Kealakao [Kealakai]; bass solo, selected, James Kamakani; solo and chorus, “Akahi” (Princess Like Like [Likelike]), James Kulolia; tenor solo, “Kapilina” (Liliu), Kimo Ko; saxophone solo, “Kalai Pohina” (Nape), David Nape; solo, “Malu Ike Ao” (Kalima), Keoni Eluene; waltz, “Hawaiian Melodies” ; hula songs (Manoa); song and chorus, “Aloha Oe” (Queen Liliu), Hawaii Ponoi.

[Because of its location, The San Francisco Call had much Hawaii coverage.]

(San Francisco Call, 10/7/1905, p. 16)


The San Francisco Call, Volume XCVIII, Number 129, Page 16. October 7, 1905.