Chinese New Year celebrated in Hilo, 1883.

Island Notes.


Genial showers are falling, the cane is growing, the mills grinding, and everything promises prosperity.

Yesterday the Chinese New Year, or Konohi, passed off in grand celestial style. Bales of firecrackers, Chinese bombs and Roman candles were exploded, and any amount of chickens, rice and sweetmeats were consumed. The layout was grand in every Chinese establishment. The blooming jonquils, fragrant lilies and other flowers formed the background to their loaded tables. All were welcome and hospitality was dealt out indiscriminately with a free hand. Continue reading


More on Ipo Lei Manu, 1892.


The Bulletin acknowledges the receipt of the music and words of two hula kuis—”Ipo Lei Manu” and “Pua Melekule”—the first ever printed. They have been copyrighted by Mr. W. F. Reynolds of the Golden Rule Bazaar, in both the Hawaiian Islands and the United States. A few copies arrived by the last steamer, which can be had at the Bazaar at fifty cents a copy.

[One year after the death of King Kalakaua, the mele gets copyrighted by someone who obviously did not compose it, as so often happens to Hawaiian music. What is interesting is that I have not found any public performances in Hawaii of this song until after 1924.]

Major Kealakai perhaps took offense to this article? 1924.


Territory, Army, Navy and Consulates Are To Be Represented At Services

Official circles of the territory will be represented at the memorial services for the Kalakaua dynasty at Kawaiahao church Sunday morning. Among those who will be in attendance will be Mrs. Wallace R. Farrington, wife of Governor Farrington; Acting Governor and Mrs. Raymond C. Brown, Major General and Mrs. C. P. Summerall, Rear Admiral J. D. McDonald, Consul for Great Britain and Mrs. W.Massy Royds, Consul for France and Mrs. Marques, Consul General for Japan and Mrs. Yamasaki, Consul for China and Mrs. tau Shia Hsu, Vice Consul of Belgium Victor H. Lappe, Consul of Portugal and Mrs. Fancisco de Paula Brito, Consul for Cuba and Mrs. Gustavo E. Mustelier. Continue reading

More on the A. A. Montano picture of Queen Emma, 1880.

Mr. Montano has presented us with a handsome photograph of Her Majesty the Queen Dowager. The portrait is a full length and represents Her Majesty in a commanding position, standing, with her dress train sweeping into the foreground; the features and figure are admirably clear; Continue reading

A. A. Montano takes pictures of Queen Emma, 1880.

Mr. Montana [A. A. Montano] has lately made an addition to his premises in Fort Street in the form of a photographic show room, which will well repay a visit. A large number of the productions of his studio and of other works of art are to be seen there tastefully arranged and forming a really interesting collection. Continue reading

The new king, Kamehameha IV, 1855.

Give ear Hawaii o Keawe! Maui o Kama! Oahu o Kuihewa! Kauai o Mano!

In the providence of God, and by the will of his late Majesty Kamehameha III, this day read in your hearing, I have been called to the high and responsible position of the Chief Ruler of this nation. I am deeply sensible of the importance and sacredness of the great trust committed to my hands, and, in the discharge of this trust I shall abide by the Constitution and laws which I have just sworn to maintain and support. It is not my wish to entertain you on the present occasion with pleasant promises for the future; but I trust the close of my career will show that I have not been raised to the head of this nation to  oppress it and curse it, but on the contrary to cheer and bless it, and that when I come to my end I may, like the beloved chief whose funeral we yesterday celebrated, pass from earth amid the bitter lamentation of my people. Continue reading