No Prejudice, 1893.


There is None, Thank Heaven, In America Now.

None So Poor We Do Not Do Them Reverence,

Provided They Have a Title in the Family.

Kanaka, Negro, the Child of Adventurer or Throned Lewdness, It Matters Not If the Title is Good.

Correspondence of the Mail.]

New York, May 30.—This is the age of liberality and emancipation—liberty of thought and emancipation from all confining prejudices. We live in an age in which all men and women may do as they please, provided they do not infringe on the rights of others, and we have found the happy millennium when all men are free and equal in age as they were at the time of their creation. Continue reading

Another mele by Eleanor Kekoaohiwaikalani Prendergast for Princess Kaiulani, 1893.


1st. Ua puia ke kaona i ke ala
O ke onaona Rose Hawaii
O ka pua oi kela o ka nani
A ka puuwai e anoai ai.

Hui: He aloha no Kawekiulani
No ka lei a Kapili Likelike
Pua nani o Ainahau
Ka onohi momi o Hawaii. Continue reading

Procreation chant for Princess Kaiulani, 1899.

[Found under: “KANIKAU NO KAIULANI.”]

A he mai keia ea ea,
No ka Wekiulani ea ea,
Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Polihale ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
Ka lei Kaunaoa ea ea,
Ka Wailiula ea ea,
A i Mana ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Papiohuli ea ea,
A e huli aku ana ea ea,
Aia i Limaloa ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Polihale ea ea,
Ke kini punohu ea ea,
Auau ke kai ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Nohili ea ea,
Haa mai na niu ea ea,
O Kaunalewa ea ea.

Aia ko mai ea ea,
A i Makaweli ea ea,
Waiulailiahi ea ea,
A o Waimea ea ea.

Haina ko mai ea ea,
O niniu i ka pua ea ea.

Hakuia e,
Lala Mahelona.

(Aloha Aina, 3/18/1899, p. 6)


Easter hats and such, 1902.




Honolulu, Fort Street

Easter Hats  Easter Hats

Just recently opened to display, are Hats good for Easter, for girls and women of all sorts of fashions [paikini]

Given Away

At our big sale of Hats being held, King Kamehameha, Kalakaua, and Kaiulani Hat Pins given away. Continue reading

Kaiulani Elementary School celebrates the birthday of the Princess, 1899.


Pupils Have a Holiday Next Monday.

Exercises This Evening In Honor of the Princess’s Birthday—Program for the Occasion.

Monday being the anniversary of the late Princess Kaiulani’s birthday, the pupils of the Princess Kaiulani school will be given a whole holiday.

Exercises will be held this evening in the large hall, but owing to the lack of seating accommodation no invitations have been sent out to parents or friends this year. The program is the work of the pupils entirely. They devoted a good portion of yesterday to obtaining ilima leis and maile to decorate the picture of the late Princess. Continue reading