Death of Mrs. Lilia Kalama, 1920.


Editor of the Kuokoa Newspaper, Aloha oe:—Please may I ask for you patience and kindness in allowing me some space in the Precious, being that I have a bundle of tears for my dear mama Lilia Kalama, and heavy burden of grief for my dearly beloved, my parent, so that the multitudes, the family, and the friends living from where the sun appears at Kumukahi to where it sets at the base of Lehua, will know.

In midday at 12:30 on Sunday, the 5th of December, the loveless angel of death visited our home in Waiakea Homestead, and took the living breath of my dearly beloved mama, Lilia Kalama, and her eyelids closed, and she slept for all times, and the words of the Holy Book were fulfilled, earth returned to earth, and the soul to God, the one who created it; and left behind us, her children, grandchildren, and family living with unforgettable memories for my dear mother who has gone.

My dear mama was born in Keaau, Puna, in the month of July, the 4th day, 1874, from the loins of Kaaua, her mother, and Keawe Makalio, her father.

She breathed in the pleasant air of this world for 46 years and some months. She was educated at the school here in Hilo and Papaikou, and she was a gracious mother, welcoming and hospitable to all the intimates, friends, and family who came to visit our home.

She married her first husband, John Loa, and had us, her children. We numbered six, and two passed on leaving four living, that is Lilia Haikaa, Julia Kaupiko, John Loa Jr., George Loa, we are the surviving children; our mama left our father and lived with her second husband, he being Peleumoku and his death is what parted them; and my dear mama lived with her third husband, he being Kaailau, and that husband died, and she lived with her fourth husband, he being Kaono, and he died, and she then lived with her husband, he being Moke Kalama, and the lived together for a long time and that husband died, and my dear mama survived all of them; because my dear mama incessant pain, that is what weakened her quickly, and she left us behind, her children without a parent, mourning after our mother who has gone.

She was a member of the church of Auwaiolimu and Kukuau, and she was a helping hand in God’s work, and she passed on.

I give my great appreciation to the Kaahumanu Society for taking care of my dear mama in her days of difficulty, and also the friends and intimates who gathered with us, her family, at the service of our kahu, at our home, and putting her to rest at the cemetery of Kaahumanu, where she sleeps for all time. She will not return to me, but it will be I that goes to her.

With peace from God, I conclude here with aloha.

In sadness,


(Kuokoa, 12/24/1920, p. 3)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 52, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 24, 1920.

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  1. Our Kamakea- Iaea ohana looking for birth, death, marriage and baptismal records for Kamakea who resided in Kawailoa, He may have added first name Ioane later in hisbkifr. Waialua from 1800 to 1869 (about) and his alleged son James D. Iaea. Kamakea was Konohiki in Kapuahilua-uka. We are also seeking birtIh, marriage, death records for.Jamed D Iaea. Any information about these individuals and their respective families would be apphis life. Mahalo.


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