Donations, 2018 and beyond.


Aloha kakou,

People continue to ask where donations for this blog should be sent. The answer still remains the same. What would be worthwhile is that if you think these posts are worth anything to anyone you know, to pass them on, whether by reposting them electronically on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, or by email; or by printing them out and handing them off; or the old-fashioned way, by talking about them.

However, if you indeed want to make donations, please consider making a donation to the Library & Archives at the Bishop Museum! They care for much of the newspapers from which I draw my information. They also are the caretakers of journals and letters and books and oh so many photographs containing historical information that cannot be found anywhere else. Remember to specify that your donation is to go to the Library & Archives.

Me ka oiaio no,

Frank Kanae shows off his biceps, 1902.

Frank Kanae showed off the pushing power of the biceps [i’o uala] of his arms in the afternoon of this past Monday Continue reading


Explanation of abbreviations, 1906.



We publish in this column announcements of documents submitted for recording at the Recorder’s Office [Keena Kakau Kope] here in Honolulu, as well as the documents recorded there. However, in order for those who read this column to understand it, they will need to know first the abbreviations shown below: Continue reading