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People continue to ask where donations for this blog should be sent. The answer still remains the same. What would be worthwhile is that if you think these posts are worth anything to anyone you know, to pass them on, whether by reposting them electronically on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, or by email; or by printing them out and handing them off; or the old-fashioned way, by talking about them.

However, if you indeed want to make donations, please consider getting together perhaps with some friends, a dehumidifier (maybe like this one, or something similar) for the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Library and Archives! The Library & Archives care for much of the newspapers from which I get my information. They also are the caretakers of journals and letters and books containing historical information that cannot be found anywhere else. Dehumidifiers help to maintain the best environment for all their documents, but they break down every so often in our environment.

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Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.


Sept 7 Hinawale (m) ….. 43 years old, Koloa, Kauai.
” 9 Kina (f) ….. 27 Pelekunu, Molokai.
” 13 Kahopeole (f) ….. 43 Maemae, Oahu.
” 23 Wana (f) ….. 50 Moloaa, Kauai.
” 24 Kuahiku (m) ….. 45 Manoa, Oahu.
” 24 Huihui (m) ….. 48 Hamakualoa, Maui.
” 26 John Upa (m) ….. 40 Puueo, Hilo. Continue reading


Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.

Deaths at Kalawao, Molokai.

[Hardly anything is legible in this article! If there was not also an announcement in the Kuokoa, we would not have this information. Oftentimes information is found in only a single issue of one newspaper. We need to rescan all the illegible pages of newspapers now while we can.]

(Lahui Hawaii, 11/16/1876, p. 2)


Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke II, Helu 47, Aoao 2. Novemaba 16, 1876.

Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.

Deaths at Kalawao.

July 12. Kamokukapu (f), 57 years old, Kalilua, Hawaii.
” “. Keliiheleole (f), 11 years old, Kaluaihakoko, Maui.
” 13. Kuneka (m), 52 years old, Puueo, Hilo.
” 14. Pahakula (f), 32 years old, Hakipuu, Oahu.
” 15. Keaahi (m), 31 years old, Waialua, Oahu.
” 16. Kanekapola (f), 54 years old, Laie, Oahu.
” 20. Kauihil [? Kauihii] (f), 31 years old, Kailua, Hawaii.
” 20. Kaluahine (f), 26 years old, Puueo, Hilo.
” 21. Manu (m), 32 years old, Waimanalo, Oahu.
” 22, Mele (f), 30 years old, Honuaula, Maui.
” 23. Enoch Kalauao (m), 28 years old, Honolulu.
” 30. Kuheleiua (m), 45 years old, Honolulu, Oahu.
” 30. Kapahu (m), 35 years old, Halawa, Molokai. Continue reading

Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.


Feb. 14 Kaweawea (m) of Hilo died.
Feb. 15 Kanaina (m) of Honolulu died.
Feb. 18 Kali (f) of Koloa, Kauai died.
Feb. 19 Kukui (m) of Kona, Hawaii died.
Feb. 24 Kapela (m) of Hanalei, Kauai died.
Feb. 25 Kaleo (m) of North Kona, Hawaii died.
Feb. 26 Mahoe (m) of Honolulu died.
Feb. 27 Kaluaoku (m) of Waianae died.
Feb. 28 Kahoouaunu (m) of Lahaina died.

(Kuokoa, 3/11/1876, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 11, Aoao 3. Maraki 11, 1876.