This is some fishing story! 1893.


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The Starving Ones in the Upland are Saved, a Strange Fish was Landed.

O Kuokoa Newspaper

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On Monday, the 4th of this month, a large strange fish was landed in Ewa; a fish of the deep sea.

And this is the story on that early morning of that day mentioned above. Continue reading


Escaping rocks thrown into the sky, 1924.

The Deeds of Madame Pele, the Woman of the Pit, are Wondrous

Many Lives are Spared
From the Rocks of Lava

Rocks and Ash are Thrown into the Sky When the Lava Exploded This Past Tuesday

HILO, May 13.—Many lives were spared this afternoon, because Thomas E. Boles, the superintendent of Hawaii national park, foresaw the trouble and forbade people from going to see the crater of Halemaumau, just minutes before the powerful explosion of lava, throwing huge rocks to a distance of 2000 feet. Volcanic ash was shot 1800 feet in the sky above the crater. Continue reading

Mary Jane Fayerweather Montano story lost conclusion? 1894.


Before proofs of Mrs. Montano’s story of old times in Honolulu could be corrected for historical accuracy, the instalment was published in the magazine section of yesterday’s issue of The Advertiser. Continue reading

Sigh, 2018.

Did you see last week Monday’s post on Welo Hou? It is funny how mele written by someone from a long time ago can stir up personal memories, both good and bad. Thomas Lindsey’s “Honesakala” is timeless. Does anyone know which Thomas Lindsey this was.

Click the sheet music below to check it out:


MS SC Roberts 2.2, p. 3. “Honesakala”

Pule should be studied as well, 1891.

[Prayer of Kana found in: “He Moolelo Kaao no Kana: Ke Ahi Kanana, Ka Hiapaiole, Ka Moopuna a Uli, Ka Mea Nana i Hoohiolo o Haupukele ka Puu Kaua i Molokai.”]

Ua meha ka leo o  ka ale o ka moana
Ua mea ka leo o ke kai
Ua meha ka leo o ke kanaka
Ua meha ka leo o ka manu noio o ke kai
Ua meha ka leo o ka Aama kua lenalena o ka pali
Ua meha ka leo o ka Opihi makaiauli
Ua meha ka leo o ka Hee pali
Ua meha ka leo o ka Amakihi holo kahakai Continue reading