Keaunui family history, 1874.

[Found under: “Local News”]

On the 22nd of April, the King spoke at Lanakila Church in Hauula, and at the end of his royal speech, Keaunui brought his youngest daughter before the King; the King kissed the small girl, and the King asked, “Is this your daughter?” Keaunui said, “Yes, she is mine, her mother is over there, she is pregnant again.” The King responded, “When she gives birth, name the baby Kahooululahui,”¹ and the word of the King was agreed to. On the night of the 24th, when the King was in Ewa, at 2 o’clock at night, Mrs. Hellen K. Keaunui gave birth to a son, with J. L. Keaunui, and he was immediately named David Kahooululahui. He was the 13th of their children, they are just a small bit of the growing of the lahui; how blessed would be the nation if all the women from Hawaii to Kauai were like her.

¹”Hooulu Lahui” was Kalakaua’s famed motto, encouraging the increasing of the nation/race.

(Kuokoa, 5/9/1874, p. 2)

Ma ka la 22 o Apr...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 19, Aoao 2. Mei 9, 1874.


13 thoughts on “Keaunui family history, 1874.

  1. Lakana Kea’unui and Helen Kea’unui also had a daughter named Helen Kea’unui who married Daniel Ka’aukai. They had a daughter named Lily Kawaipi’olani Ka’aukai who is my great-grandmother.

    Lakana’s parents are Kaluaipihana Kamakahelei and Uhu’uhu Kea’unui. Helen’s parents are Kuheleloa and Ho’ohokulani.

    Thank you for this information about my ‘ohana. I shall add this to my ‘ohana collection


  2. Awesome! There is so much priceless information in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers!! There for instance is another birth between J. L. and Hellen K. Keaunui on 1/4/1870 of a boy, Samuela Wainui. (Kuokoa 2/5/1870, p. 3).


    • The children of Helen and Lakana Keaʻunui is:
      Samuel Kaliloa B. 1854
      Clifford Levino B. 1857
      David Maluae B. 1860
      Joseph Maluae Kealohalulehua B. 1863
      Helen Kekuaiwahia B. 1865
      Veneku Kamakakihi B. 1867
      Jessie Ponowi B. 1872
      David Kahooululahui B. 1874
      Kathrine Kawaihauopuna B. 1875
      Hattie Hokekaiwaakohala B. 1876
      Abigail Polly Kaluapihana B. 1877

      From these children and extended families are the: Aalona, Kalili, Wilkins, Kaanaana, Woodward, Rowland, Santiago, etc…

      In the 1800s Keaʻunui was one of the leading land owners in Hauʻula, and they had other lands else where.

      The Keaʻunui ohana existed in the very beginning of the islands population. Keaʻunui is the direct descendants from Nanaulu to Maweke to Keaʻunui. Keaʻunui is an Ewa Aliʻi who is responsible for deepening and carving of the estuaries at Pearl Harbor.


          • Aloha mai kaua e Carroll,

            Mahalo for your contribution and manaʻo! I am a descendant of Venuka Kamakakihi, ke ono keiki iloko o keia ohana. I just recently learned (via a recent reunion) about our ancestor Tutu Helen. My ultimate goal would be to trace back my seventh generation. Tutu Helen is my 6th generation! I would be so grateful if we could continue this conversation to the beginning of our family line, if possible. I look forward to your response.

            no ko kakou pulapula,


          • Aloha E Tiare,

            The parents of Lakana is Uhuʻuhu Keaunui and Kaluaipihana Kamakahelei. That should take it to the 7th generation. You can find this in Edith McKenzie’s Genealogies and the Hawaiian Newspapers.



          • Aloha Hannah! I am related to Joseph Maluae Kealohalulehua Keaunui. I just wanted to thank you for updating the Ohana line at Familysearch. Please feel free to email me back, Mahalo and have a good holidays!


  3. I didn’t realize they had so many children. The paper work my family has at home only shows Helen, Hattie, and Abigail. Thanks to whom ever posted this.


  4. Wow It Is So Interesting To Be Learning All About My Families History knowing That I Actually Came From A Line Of Royalty.


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