One man’s grieving is another man’s atrocity. 1844.

Persecution. Just recently, some people here in Honolulu were persecuted for their tattooing, for their knocking out teeth, and for other foolish actions; they were led all about, here and there, by the overseer, while he made a spectacle of their offense before people. Perhaps this is a good thing; the ignorant will be shamed and the rogues will be in fear.

(Nonanona, 7/23/1844, p. 41)


Ka Nonanona, Buke 4, Pepa 7, Aoao 41. Iulai 23, 1844.


Death of Kauhane, 1900.


At the Hospital was where the life of Kauhane left, one of the Hawaiians that was very familiar amongst the different ethnicities of this town. And this caused his friends around town to be overcome; he was a man that was very familiar as a sounder of the police whistle and an officer on street corners. And as a result of those positions, he had very many friends from the haole to the Hawaiians.

He was one of the Hawaiian boys who stepped foot on the Artic [Alika] in his youth, and he became a kamaaina of those foreign lands.

He was a Hawaiian who was greatly admired while he was travelled the seasĀ¹ as a sailor until he became a Captain for one of the schooners of our seas. And he was one of the diligent servants…

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E nihi ka hele… 1893.


It is outrageous that pieces of paper are being carried on the sides of the streets for Hawaiians to sign; these are documents approving the provisional government [aupuni kuloko] for ourselves; we instruct the public not to let what you see excite you, but be patient and don’t get discouraged.

(Leo o ka Lahui, 1/20/1893, p. 2)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 626, Aoao 2. Ianuari 20, 1893.

Words of advice from Kamehameha I, 1891.


O Friends, Companions, those who go hand in hand with the Leo, who walk together on the sands of Kakuhihewa moistened by the Kukalahale rains, living from Maunalua to Moanalua. Greetings to you all.

Remember the title above, “I nui ke aho.” This is one of the touching statements said by our Land Conqueror [Na’i Aina], when one of his warriors was pierced by a barbed spear; when he saw this predicament, he grabbed and pulled the spear, and that is when the warrior cried out in pain. But that conqueror of aina responded quickly while shedding tears, “My son, be patient.” Continue reading

Uwiuwi and aha schooling at Kaawaloa, 1894.

There was a lot of schooling fish at Kaawaloa, South Kona, Hawaii, these past nights; that is according to a letter from a friend on the 1st, uwiuwi and aha fishes. The horses are weighed down and the Portuguese children of the uplands of that district are vitalized.

(Makaainana, 3/5/1894, p. 1)


Ka Makaainana, Buke I—-Ano Hou, Helu 10, Aoao 1. Maraki 5, 1894.

Abundance of schooling fish on Kauai, 1892.

[Found under: “NUHOU KULOKO.”]

At Kilauea, Kauai, the uwiuwi is schooled in abundance, and the bags of the people there were filled. On a later day, there were great schools of Akule at Hanamaulu, and the hungry got their fill of fish. What is the meaning of this schooling of fish?

(Leo o ka Lahui, 8/30/1892, p. 2)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 532, Aoao 2. Augate 30, 1892.

E o, e Ka Walu o Na Lani! 1875.

Birthday of the Princess Liliu.

This past Thursday, September 2, made the thirty-seventh year of Her Highness, the Princess for whom is this kahoahoa:

O Liliu o Loloku
O Walania i ke kii onohi
O ka onohi o Kalani Nui
Ke ka Hiwauli o Ku
O Kamakaeha o Kina.

She was born at Mana, Manamana, Honolulu, on September 2, 1838, a royal daughter of Caisara Kapaakea and A. Keohokalole and she was a younger sibling of the Alii, King Kalakaua. Continue reading

Who is this wahine? (conclusion), 1909.

…Kamehameha asked: “Which Kawaihae are you going to?”

“To Kawaihae Kai, near the capital where the alii lives,” answered the woman.

“So what is that bundle you hold in your hand?” Kamehameha questioned.

The woman responded, “A bundle of Lipalu seaweed.”

With that Kamehameha said: “Say woman, I am one of the alii’s men, and my occupation is one of the messengers for the alii. And being that I have clearly heard your fine words, I am hopeful that should the alii hear me about the words of appreciation of yours for him, then you will be given some land for yourself. Continue reading