Na wai ke kama o oe?

I wonder if they thought about their kupuna or their auntys and uncles… Could this really have happened this past Saturday?


State Department of Health photo

Mistreatment of mahu a hundred years ago, 1920.

This is a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Florincio Loriozo, Filipinos who were recently married; but Mrs. Loirozo who was believed to be a woman is a man, but who has being wearing women’s clothing and other women’s accessories for a number of years.

In the history of marriages seen here in Hawaii, there is none like the story of a Filipino couple who were arrested by the police on the morning of this past Tuesday, that being the marriage of Florincio Lorioza, a Filipino, to Benito Ocho, a Filipino man, a short time ago.

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Passing of Olivia K. Nakea, 1955.

Nakea Rites Set Tuesday

Funeral services for Mrs. Olivia Kanoho Kaululaau Nakea, 56, who died Friday at a local hospital, will be held at 1 p. m. Tuesday in Borthwick Funeral Parlors chapel. Burial at Puea cemetery will follow. Continue reading

Letter from Joseph Kekipi, 1916.

A Musical Band of Hawaiian Youths in America

Standing from the left: David Kaahili, Prince Jack Heleluhe, John Nakeleawe; Sitting below: Miss Amy Awai, Joseph K. Kekipi.

The photograph above, is of some Hawaiian youths that are travelling around America while working, singing and playing music. Their names are above, and they faces are familiar to Honolulu’s people. Continue reading

Newspaper history, 1913.


If the newsboys of Honolulu carried under their arms copies of each newspaper in the city, besides those published in the English language, they would be pretty well loaded down and their calls would include the following journals, popular with thousands of readers to whom they cater: O Luso, Nupepa Kuokoa, Ke Aloha Aina, Ka Momi o Hawaii, Hawaii Shinpo, Japanese-Daily Chronicle, Nippu Jiji, Hawaii Hochi, Wah Hing Bo, Sun Chung Kwock Bo, Hon Mun Sun Bo, Chee Yow Shin Bo, United Korean News, Korean Times and many other that play an important part in their particular fields of activity. Continue reading

Death of Sam Ku West, 1930.


Sam Ku West of Honolulu, noted player of the guitar and harp, who is dead at Paris, France.


Honolulu Boy, Famed For Guitar and Harp Music, Succumbs To Long Illness

(Associated Press by Wireless)

PARIS, Sept. 9.—Sam Ku West, a Honolulu harp and guitar player, died Sunday in the American hospital here after a long illness. He was 23 years old. Continue reading