Kamehameha Day, a Hundred Years Ago, 1922.

The Day of the Nation Conqueror, Kamehameha I.

This coming Sunday, the 11th of June, is Kamehameha Day. This day is regularly celebrated as the birthday of the Nation Conqueror Kamehameha I here in Hawaii. And this regular celebration is what we will do this year.

It is a usual thing for all the Hawaiian associations to hold a memorial service for the one for whom this important holiday is, on the Sunday preceding the 11th of June. But this year that day falls on a Sunday, so it is appropriate that the memorial activities be carried out with sincerity and maturity by us this year.

In Kawaiahao Church there will be a memorial service under the direction of the Ahahui Kamehameha, along with the other Hawaiian associations invited to the congregation; this paper encourages the Hawaiian associations to fill the church this Sunday. There is no greater congregation fit for them like this one, for it is worthy of the king who unified the islands of Hawaii nei.

Hawaiians are not only wanted to join together in the congregation for the memorial service in Kawaiahao. They are wanted as well for the parade on the following Monday, the postponed national holiday, and for the speeches and songs in honor of the one whose day it is.

This is the day for Hawaiians; it is our responsibility, O Hawaiians, to show through our actions our affection for this day; it is not for the holidays of the other people that we should show our enthusiasm, but we should have admiration for those who work hard to make the day and commemorative activities significant.

There are a number of obvious reasons that we should make this day of the Conqueror of the Nation an important day in our lives, because of his deeds, even if those were dark days of our people; we are reaping the benefits of his efforts.

The birthdays of prominent people in other nations are important to their citizens; they celebrate them lavishly in all fashions; they show by their actions their feelings of high esteem for those whose birthday it is.

However we are not to imitate what those people do, for that is fitting for them; to them belong the nation and all things. But what we can do is to gather for worthy activities like being a part of the parade and observing the memorial service.

We have not actually seen the Nation Conqueror Kamehameha for ourselves, but we believe in his many fine and admirable traits, and because of that belief, we stand and show this belief in our sincere actions to honor the one whose birthday it is.

There has been a great increase in the number of Hawaiians joining our associations; it is they who are wanted to join in the parade and to show up to be a part of the congregation. Do not become spectators. Make the other ethnicities the spectators, and let the Hawaiians be seen in the congregations set aside for us.

(Kuokoa, 6/8/1922, p. 8)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 23, Aoao 8. Iune 8, 1922.

Kamehameha Day Parade, 6/11/2022, 9:44 a.m.

Ka Naʻi Aupuni Kamehameha I Statue, 6/11/2022, 10:24 a.m.

Kawaiahaʻo Church, 6/11/2022, 10:28 a.m.


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