Ua hala na makahiki he hookahi haneri iwakalua kumalima, 1894 / 2019.

Ka Hoolauwili a na Enemi.

I keia wa a kakou e noho nei, ke hoomaopopo nei makou i ka hooko o ka lahui i keia olelo hemolele, i hoikeia ia Paulo penei: “Aole oia wale no, ke hauoli nei  no hoi kakou iloko o na popilikia; ke ike nei, e hana ana ka popilikia i ke ahonui; a o ke ahonui i ka hoao ana; a o ka hoao ana i ka manaolana.” Rom. 5: 3, 4. Continue reading


Kamehameha V and the 50th year since the arrival of the missionaries, 1870.

Great Jubilee Gift from the King.

It pleases the Chief, the King, to give freely these things below, for the Jubilee Feast to be Celebrated on Wednesday, June 15:

10,000 Pounds of Poi, 20 Pigs, 400 Fish, 8 Sheep, 1 Cow and two carts of greenery for decoration. Continue reading

Rev. L. H. Gulick, 1862.

We learn that Rev. L. H. Gulick [? Orramel H. Gulick], late missionary at Micronesia, has been called by the Protestant Church at Kau, Hawaii, to preside over that church, vice Rev. W. C. Shipman, deceased. Whether the call will be accepted or not we have not learnt, Mr. Gulick being now in California.

(Polynesian, 2/8/1862,  p. 2)


Polynesian, Volume XVIII, Number 41, Page 2. February 8, 1862.

Latest from Waikapu, 1875.

[Found under: Na mea hou o na Waieha.”]

Pertaining to Waikapu.—On the 1st of August of this year, the Congregation of Waikapu decided to work on their church immediately, and these are the main things. The old church, to extend the stone walls 4 feet higher, and to arch the windows, and to fix the cracks in the stone walls. The carpenter that will do this is Ninihua; he says that the church will be completed for $2,300, and it is with this that the building will be complete along with his pay. According the this carpenter, with this money the church and the bell tower will be completed.

There are two Hawaiian hula houses in Waikapu; those who join in the hula are church members as well as non-church members. Many go to those houses, but the truly devout, they do not go. That is what I see when I visited this place, the land famous for the Kololio wind.

[This is part of a longer description by a person calling himself, Mose Malihinihele, of Honolulu.]

(Lahui Hawaii, 8/18/1875, p. 2)


Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke I, Helu 34, Aoao 2. Augate 19, 1875.