A mele for Queen Kapiolani by E. D. Wahine, 1876.


O Lahui Hawaii; Aloha oe:—

Please be so kind as to insert in an open space of our Olive Leaf (Lahui Hawaii), these verses of song composed by E. D. Wahine, and sung by the students of the combined schools of Hilo [? Kula Hui o Hilo], for Queen Kapiolani.

1 No ka hiku o na lani,
Ka mana kiekie,
I hoonohoia hoi,
I makua no ka lahui. Continue reading

New calendar for 2019.

Alemanaka 2019!

The new year is almost upon us, and just as we have for the  past few years, nupepa-hawaii.com is sending you a calendar fashioned after the original one put out by the Aloha Aina newspaper in 1906. Feel free to print it out for yourself or to share it with friends. To download the PDF file from which you can print, simply click on the image below.



A name song for “eagle eye” William H. Sheldon, 1863.

He Inoa no Willie H. Kelekona.

Eo e ke kama Uilama,
A Hoolei no he makua,
Ano wale mai no ke aloha,
I ka pua o ka lama i ka uka,
Kaua no hoi ke noho,
I ka hau oki o ka mauna,
Mai mauna oe i kuu lei,
I kui ia e Hiku i ka nahele,
Noho mai Poliahu i ka ihi,
Kipu paa mai i ka noe,
Ke nihi ae la i na pali,
I ka uka o ke ahi Alaka,
Laka mai no oe i pulima,
Komo ai hoi o ka punuku.

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The latest from Wainiha, 1910.


In the night of this past 20th of Aug, there was much rain and streaming in Wainiha, and the residents of that valley were blessed by the streaming; there was a lot of Oopu, and those skilled at catching them filled their bag with the lehua blossom eating Oopu of Maunahina [ka Oopu ai lehua o Maunahina]. Continue reading

The Hon. Daniela Kahaulelio’s reminiscences of Lahaina, 1898.

The History

— OF —

Lahaina Town

Composed by the
Hon. D. Kahaulelio,
The Judge of the Shade of the Breadruit Trees of Lele.


This is a story pertaining to the one of this issue:

King Kamehameha III was sailing aboard an American warship for the Kanilehua rains of HIlo, and along with him was G. P. Kauka [G. P. Judd], the father of the Chief Justice A. F. Kauka [A. F. Judd], was with him; he was a favorite and a translator for the alii aboard the ship. The Captain wanted his officers to explain clearly the length in time and the direction, and while the officers were making preparations, S. P. Kalama Waiawaawa asked the King:

What are they doing? Continue reading