New calendar for 2019.

Alemanaka 2019!

The new year is almost upon us, and just as we have for the  past few years, is sending you a calendar fashioned after the original one put out by the Aloha Aina newspaper in 1906. Feel free to print it out for yourself or to share it with friends. To download the PDF file from which you can print, simply click on the image below.



4 thoughts on “New calendar for 2019.

  1. Mahalo no ka ʻalemanaka a mahalo hoʻi ka noiʻi a kaʻana ʻana mai i nā momi mai nā nūpepa Hawaiʻi! I makahiki 2019 maikaʻi nou!

    • I note that in 1906 the spellings of the names of the months, and the name of Sunday, are different from the spellings we use today. I’m wondering how the new spellings got created, and who made the decision that the new spellings are now considered “correct” or standardized.

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