The latest from Wainiha, 1910.


In the night of this past 20th of Aug, there was much rain and streaming in Wainiha, and the residents of that valley were blessed by the streaming; there was a lot of Oopu, and those skilled at catching them filled their bag with the lehua blossom eating Oopu of Maunahina [ka Oopu ai lehua o Maunahina]. And there was this good thing. The Alalauwa is appearing in droves here; look at the multitudes and the natives of the valley, and the pier is crowded with men, women and children fishing for Alalauwa. It will provide for their livelihood and more.

On the same day, the wealthy son of the Huliwaiamau wind of Limahuli, R. W. K. Ninaulia, gave a memorial banquet for his beloved wife how passed on before him; and the banquet I saw was the best of large banquets, nothing better; the number of beef laulau and pork laulau almost reached a thousand.  The fatty Amaama of Wainiha, the Opihi, Hee, and Wi were supplied by the boys of the jagged cliffs of Kalalau, along with the throat-moistening delicious sweet potato of Kalalau, the rice, the crackers and the sticky poi that settles nicely in the throat of the Lupua wind of Wainiha, and there were many who arrived at that party to partake in all the things that were prepared, and everyone went home with a puolo laulau. Much thanks to you, O R. W. K. Ninaulia; you are very gracious, and all who returned home were happy, and there was nothing to fault. It was peaceful with no  commotion; there was none seen tipsy [sahiohio] at your banquet. Your putting on the party in that fashion was good, for you were the steadfast cornerstone of Elenale.

Those were small new things from here in the country. And I give my loving Adios to the typesetting boys of your press.



Kauai, Aug. 27, 1910.

(Kuokoa Home Rula, 9/2/1910, p. 3)


Kuokoa Home Rula, Buke VIII, Helu 35, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 2, 1910.

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