The story from Kauai of Aahoaka the warrior, 1876.


— OF —


— AND —



[Brought out for the Kuokoa.]

Kalaleia was born of Kapaopao male and Kahala woman, his land of birth was Anehola. These were alii of here in the Koolau districts.

They lived in Kalaewahiwai, on the road headed upland, a place resided by chiefs. When they lived there, they both were young. Kahala was pregnant, and when she was to give birth, the Thunder Crashed, the Lightning Flashed, Earthquake rumbled, the red waters flowed; three nights, three days, and the child was showed no signs of being born, and the chiefs grew weary. A person was sent to fetch the Kahuna. This person was Kanoeoalakai, who lived in the uplands of Wainiha. When the one fetching him arrived, the kahuna sat and had been warmed by awa and his kapa that he wore was a kuina Akaka; Milolii is where this kind of kapa was made. At that time, he knew ahead of this trip of this man, and he asked, “What is this trip by which you are fetching me?” “I have been sent by the alii of Anehola, by Kapaopao, for the childbirth of his wahine; it has been three nights and three days, and the child has not shown any signs of being born, so I am fetching you.” He replied, “I will not accompany you today; not until tomorrow, in the evening, I will go and sleep at Kuaehu in Aliomanu.

[The story of Aahoaka begins with this birth scene. This moolelo is published in the Kuokoa from 12/30/1876 and ran until 3/3/1877 where it ends abruptly. I have not found anything to explain its ending mid-tale. Does anyone know of another version of this story?]

(Kuokoa, 3/3/1877, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 53, Aoao 1. Maraki 3, 1877.

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