William Kamau starts his own surveying business, 1936.

Want to Clarify to the Public

By the expression placed above, I want to tell you, O Hawaiians, I will open a surveying business for myself, and I want to tell you of my qualifications in the occupation of which I am advertising.

I worked for the County for 18 years; under John Akau for many years; and I worked under Harry Allen and L. Loodor, while he was a deputy surveyor for this county.

I worked under Sam Kanakanui for a time and B. Newton the deputy surveyor for the territory; I worked under J. J. Williams.

I worked under Henry Yapp, the surveyor for the territory.

I am preparing 200 acres of land to be parceled into home lots to be sold for at very low costs, these lands being in Olaa.

Therefore, I am applying for a real estate license, then you can bring your and I will try to arrange for its sale, mortgage, and so forth.

If you have land that you want to level, I can lay some feet of soil, or rock, as per you desire. Don’t forget to call me at the telephone number 7765 by the name of William Kamau.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 11/18/1936, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXI, Number 29, Aoao 2. November 18, 1936.

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