Martin the Wizard in Hawaii a 150 years ago, 1868.



The World-renowned, Wonder-creating Wizard


Will continue his Astonishing

Feats of Wonder


Royal Hawaiian Theatre,

Saturday Evening, Oct’r 24,

Changing as if by a MAGIC WAND, this Popular Place of Amusement into a gorgeous ENCHANTED TEMPLE of Magic and Mystery, Continue reading


Ina oe ma Oahu nei, what you doing on Friday? Sepatemaba 21, 2018.

I took a tiny step away from the newspapers for a little bit, and dove into a modern composition. Where are you on Friday? Go check out this book opening, go. For more information, click on the book cover image below.


Beryl Leolani Bailey weds Gary Loomis Blaich, 1968.

Beryl Bailey Is Bride Of Gary Loomis Blaich

Beryl Leolani Bailey, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bailey, became the bride of Gary Loomis Blaich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Blaich, Thursday evening at Atherton Chapel, Central Union Church. The Rev. Dr. Thomas Crosby performed the ceremony in a setting of white Singapore plumeria, lawai and mock orange rope. The entrance was decorated with kahilis. Continue reading