Salt in Wailupe, 1869.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO.”]

Salt emerged in Wailupe.—We were told of the news that salt emerged in abundance in Wailupe. That new thing was not seen before there, that being the emergence of this fine thing. Continue reading

Salt harvesting at Hanapepe, 1967.

Salt harvest near end at historic Hanapepe ponds

HANAPEPE, Kauai—Autumn rains soon will signal the close of the salt-making season at Hanapepe’s historic Salt Pond area.

The harvest has been fairly light, for summer started late, and heavy showers damaged the salt beds earlier this year.

Westside showers last week extended into the Hanapepe area and slowed the drying process. The salt makers will have to stop their activity any day now. Continue reading