Salt found at Ukumehame, 1858.


O Hae Hawaii,

Aloha oe:–Please spread the word about this new thing at Ukumehame, that being Salt. This Salt is in the uplands of Papalaau; it is among the high cliffs, as if man gathered it in heaps.

The nature of this Salt: it is hard and expansive like the Salt of Alia at Moanalua on Oahu. The reason that this Salt spread among the cliffs is from water that trickled over the rocks and dirt and became salt.

The reason that the Salt was known of and found, was because men saw some Koae (tropic birds) entering caves in those cliffs; then the two men went to probe for the Koae. As they were making the climb, the two men came across the Salt piled at the Cave. As the looked, there was a lot of Salt in piles here and there.

The Salt was taken to Lahaina and I saw it first hand; I was not the only one who saw it, but there were many who saw the Salt.

This is amazing Salt from the cliffs where the Koae soar. Who piled this Salt among the cliffs? It was the one who made the heavens and the earth, the great things and the tiny. That being eternal Jehovah. With aloha,

Lahaina, Maui, May 24, 1858.

(Hae Hawaii, 5/26/1858, p. 32)

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 3, Ano Hou.—Helu 8, Aoao 32. Mei 26, 1858.

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