Salt from Kealia, Maui, 1856.


I want to tell you about the abundance of salt at Kealia here in Maui.

This year, the salt here in Kealia is very good; and there is a lot.

There has not been a year like this one where there has been so much salt, and so fine; and it appears these days when looking at the salt like there are 4,000 tents in Kealia.

What Haole and Chinese has clipper ships that can come at once to Kealia and purchase the fine salt at a reasonable price, $1 per barrel. The price of salt here in Kealia these days is quite the bargain. What Haole and Chinese and Hawaiian wants to invest in salt.

Come at once to Kealia to purchase salt at a $1.00 per barrel; the men and women are very strong these days from scooping salt.

Some salt of Kealia is very good for making butter; it is called Lelewai [lele wai], and it is very fine and pure. With thanks,

Lokopaakai, Kealia, Maui, Aug. 25, 1856.

Listen , O Kaleohano, maybe it would be good for you to send a barrel of salt here to make clear the quality of the salt.

J. P. Editor.

(Hae Hawaii, 9/17/1856, p. 115)

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke I, Helu 29, Aoao 115. Sepetemaba 17, 1856.

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